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What is the difference in domestic headphones than AirPods PRO? How long does the first seat of

Yh 2022-03-05 13:32:38

On October 29, 2019, Apple released his own flagship active noise-saving headset AirPods Pro, which has been more than 2 years since then until today, there is no update to update this product. Even the AirPods 3 launched in 2021 is only a low version of PRO, and the products have no new ideas. Many people think that Apple is not an urgent renewal of AirPods Pro is because they have never appeared in the real challengers. Whether it is the old headphones manufacturer or the Internet headphones, new products are now trying to catch up, but there is always no headphones can surpass it.

国产耳机比AirPods Pro还有哪些差距?苹果第一的位子还能做多久? The situation seems to have changed. In 2020, Apple's AirPods series occupied nearly half of the market share of global wireless headphones, but in 2021, the AirPods series product market usage has fallen to 29%. The reason is naturally the rise of other earphone products, and the market share of Apple headphones is robbed. As the industrial supply chain is increasing, after the development of these years, domestic brand headphones have products that do not belong to AirPods PRO in terms of noise reduction capacity, sound quality and wearing comfort. And like Sony, Samsung and other foreign brands have also launched the headset products of their own flagship machines, although they don't dare to surpass, some functions can also be higher than Apple.

I think that Apple's reason is not an urgent reason for AirPods Pro 2 is that some aspects have reserved a very big advantage. Relying on these advantages, continuing to consolidate your barriers, making other headset brands still difficult to catch up.

Self-research chip capability

国产耳机比AirPods Pro还有哪些差距?苹果第一的位子还能做多久?
H1 chip

Everyone knows the ability of Apple's self-research chip, whether it is the iPhone A series of chips, or MAC's M-Series chip, making Apple always maintains a huge advantage for competition, and in terms of headphones. Thanks to the performance of the H1 chip on the AirPods Pro, the headphones have great improvements in delay, power consumption, multi-device seamless switching, etc. It can also provide a richer function after connecting to various sensors. Because it is its own R & D chip, it can be designed according to the needs of the headset. At present, most of the earphone manufacturers are the choice of the choice of the supplier, which is the advantage of the development cost of the earphone, but the functionality of the product will be restricted. It is also easy to cause the product of the product, and it does not pull the gap.

Adaptive balance

国产耳机比AirPods Pro还有哪些差距?苹果第一的位子还能做多久?

Examples of low noise function. Through the intridal microphone, AirPods Pro automatically adjusts the noise reduction effect according to the different ear geometries and earplugs of each person. And after opening noise reduction, the ear has continued to adjust the noise reduction effect at 200 times per second. This feature is very testing of the chip, relying on the H1 chip to achieve it. Many headphone brands are only available in the noise reduction, which is not easy to adaptively, and effective.

In addition, the adaptive equalization function is also used for the adjustment of sound quality. The adaptive equalization function can automatically adjust the music playback according to your ear. By adjusting the intermediate frequency and low frequency portions in the sound, different people can hear almost consistent sound quality. This seemingly inconspicuous function is also hard to catch up.

Apple Music and Space Audio

国产耳机比AirPods Pro还有哪些差距?苹果第一的位子还能做多久?

The last one is also the biggest advantage of Apple, which is the ability to combine hardware and software, that is, ecology. existsoftwareAspect, Apple owns the Apple Music music playback platform, which has tens of millions of music and Dolby Panorama sound technology, and constructs a very powerful audio ecology with AirPods Pro. In the apple's ecology you can experience the extraordinary auditory effects of space audio with head tracking. And after iOS15, Apple has supported the playback of global space audio. If you want to catch up with Apple, you need to get from the operating system to the music playback platform to the earphone hardware, which is currently the largest barrier in the AirPods series.

Although some headphones manufacturers have achieved similar effects, Apple is not the first company that adopts space audio technology.However, companies with audio playback platforms and headphones hardware have only Apple, backrests rich in space audio resources on Apple Music, firmly put the user circle in Apple's ecology.

in conclusion

Apple redefines the true wireless headset with the AirPods series products and created a very large audio market.The industry has to reshape this industry, many old headphones manufacturers have gone to fall, and many emerging headset brands are rising.Many mobile phone brands' headset products have a good performance, and the gap between Apple is getting smaller.I believe that Apple also felt the threat of these headset manufacturers.I believe that Apple will take out new features that Apple will come out again, let us wait and see.