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DIY is from the entry to give up: buy a machine hard drive will not regret

Yh 2022-03-03 14:01:40

If you make you choose between solid state drives and mechanical hard drives, you will definitely choose solid state. why? Because it is fast! Faced with some SSDs to run to 3500MB / s speed, mechanical hard drives are simply like snails, but I want to tell you that buying machine hard drives will definitely regret.


Cheap is not important, it is important

We all know that the advantages of the mechanical hard drive are cheap, take the Seagate cool eagle Skyhawk ST4000VX007 vertical dish as an example, the price of 4T capacity is 528 yuan, with an average price of 132 yuan per t, the price of the sloppy is lower; but you want to think Buying solid states, 1T capacity products require 600 yuan.DIY从入门到放弃:买机械硬盘不会后悔

Many players think that the price of SSD is already very close, but pay attention to the point that needs us to pay attention, after all, the interface of your motherboard is limited, the capacity of the single hard disk determines the capacity of the computer.


The 4T price of the mechanical hard drive is cheap. If you are willing to add some money, you can easily change to 10t or even 20t hard drive, while SSD has more storing, some motherboards have only 1 M.2 interface and 4 SATA interfaces, for the game enthusiasts and video Hoarders speaking SSDs are far less enough.

Lost data is not terrible, terrible is not looking back

Don't think that important data needs to be read and written at high speed, so it should be placed in SSD, this is wrong. Look at the professional backup in the mechanical hard drive, it is also the security andData RecoveryThe problem.


In general, the mechanical hard drive is still deleted or formatted. As long as the original file is not overwritten, it can be retrieved, even if the hard disk is damaged, as long as the disc is not broken, your data is basically not lost. But I have to take some money to recover.


However, SSD is different, SSD can be retrieved in the case of deleting partitions, other no matter whether it is deleting file or formatting hard drive, data loss is basically unable to find, there is money to do.Low temperature is no problem, high temperature is a problem

Many computers have good useful environment, but internal temperatures are not necessarily suitable, and they will have an impact on hard drives.


The mechanical hard disk is not sensitive to temperature, as long as the computer does not have a high temperature blue screen, there is basically no need to worry about the mechanical hard disk damage, and it doesn't matter if it is not used for a long time.


However, the SSD is different, because the particles inside the SSD can be more sensitive to high temperatures, and the temperature is too high, which is expected to use it for a long time. It is recommended to use the SSD to use it once every 2 years, avoid data disorder, loss.

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