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Vivo NEX 3 release: 5G+ waterfall screen, and a real wireless headset

YH 2019-09-30 09:48:40

All along, many people think that the world's top flagship models are only Apple, Samsung can make it. After all, in the early years, both in terms of innovation ability and in research and technology, Samsung Apple has always been the dominant, but over time The lapse of the domestic brands in recent years, the innovation ability and core technology have not greatly improved. Especially in the high-end flagship market, the domestic mobile phone is not to launch a flagship model that surpasses Samsung and Apple. For example, the vivo NEX3 released some time ago is such a flagship model.

We all know that vivo's NEX series has always been the product of "Future Technology", whether it is in hardware performance or in design, there are no small innovations, such as: the first generation of vivo NEX launched The design style of the lift-type panoramic screen has caused a lot of sensation and pursuit in the industry. The dual-screen design introduced by the second vivo NEX2 has robbed everyone's attention. In today's generation of vivo NEX3, with the design style of the unbounded waterfall screen and powerful hardware, it has become the benchmark for the high-end market.

In fact, for the vivo NEX3, its biggest highlight is the design style of the waterfall screen. It is reported that the vivo official invested 200 million yuan in order to achieve such a shocking and stunning appearance, which is equipped with 99.6%. The flagship model of the screen. Compared with the current water-drop screen on the market, Liu Haiping, the digging screen, the visual experience brought by the vivo NEX3 is even more stunning and shocking. Moreover, the vivo NEX3 also innovatively removed the physical button to a hidden pressure button.

On the back of the fuselage, the vivo NEX3 adopts the design style of the round Oreo that is currently on the market. It is not only the world's first waterfall screen mobile phone, but also the world's first circular rear layout design. The flagship model, whether it is Huawei Mate30, iPhone11, one plus 7T are released later than the vivo NEX3. According to the official official of vivo, the design of the rear camera of vivo NEX3 is inspired by the traditional model watch. Its three cameras represent the 12, 3 and 9 points of the clock, and the overall appearance is very recognizable. .

In terms of hardware configuration, vivo NEX3 also uses the most advanced Snapdragon 855 Plus on the market, with UFS3.0 flash memory. Whether it's for everyday use or for gaming experience, the vivo NEX3 gives you a great performance experience. Coupled with the combination of 64 million pixels + 13 million super wide angle + 13 million telephoto, whether it is daily shooting, or in wide-angle, telephoto and other scenes, vivo NEX3 can easily meet your shooting needs.

In general, for the many flagship models currently on the market, whether in the design or hardware performance, the overall performance of the vvio NEX3 is still very strong, especially in terms of design, said vivo NEX3 is currently The most beautiful flagship machine on the market is not too much, and even netizens said: vivo NEX3 let me see the future of the flagship mobile phone. In this regard, what do you think about vivo NEX3?