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Millet 9 Pro disassemble, fully stocked

YH 2019-09-30 10:19:57
This afternoon, Xiaomi mobile phone official Weibo announced a set of Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G mobile phone disassemble map tour, a comprehensive introduction to the fuselage structure of this new 5G mobile phone.

The back of the millet 9 Pro 5G uses a 30W custom wireless charging coil that covers the large area of ​​heat-dissipating graphite on the serial board. It can be used efficiently for both charging and daily use.

The edge of the camera is sealed with a foam to enhance the airtightness of the phone.

The Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G is equipped with a rear three-shot camera consisting of 48 million-pixel ultra-clear, 16-megapixel telephoto, and 12-megapixel portraits. It supports laser focusing and the front lens is 2000 pixels.

The motherboard adopts a two-layer stack design, which supports 5G network through Qualcomm X50M 5G baseband and multiple RF chips.

More chip details:

The Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G's Opteron 855 Plus chip and LPDDR4x memory are stacked and feature up to 512GB of ultra-large UFS2.1 flash.

With independent audio decoding chip, charge pump charge management chip.

The Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G uses a 10x10x3.5mm transverse linear motor. Under the special high-voltage driver chip, it can achieve 10ms of start-up and braking time, feedback is sensitive, and supports more than 100 kinds of vibration effects.

Cooling system details:Extra large area VC flat plate, 5 layers of graphite, high thermal conductivity copper foil and thermal gel.

Finally, I will present the family structure of Xiaomi 9 Pro.

It is understood that, in conjunction with the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, there is also a MIX Alpha concept phone.

As far as dismantling is concerned, the latter is obviously more attractive to netizens. Do you know if Xiaomi official intends to announce the dismantling of MIX Alpha?