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This mouse is the only disadvantage that it is expensive.

Yh 2021-10-26 10:08:06

As an anterior and external editor, the degree of love for the mouse and key is not as graphics card. I have also sent a burning, and I have retired, in terms of keyboard, I finally bought a Filco's 104-button double-moldant second-generation milk white calculated, and used it now. However, the mouse has not been looking for a special satisfaction, and I like the G602 of Logitech a few years ago, but it was stopped early for the product itself.

Model O Wireless Wireless Mouse

But in Shanghai in ShanghaiChinajoyDuring the period, the author used a mouse to be used. Model O Wireless, Audding, from Glorious Brand Cave shoes Cave mouse, honestly said ... I haven't heard this brand before.

The reason why it is also because the glorious booth during the show is next door to ZOL, and the mouse is half-price when the last day is withdrawn, and the feel is really heartbeas.

This mouse is currently 699 yuan. If it is the original price, no matter what I will definitely buy (maybe people's target users are not me at all), they are still very recommended when they are discounted, first of all, the overall evaluation:

01 Comprehensive evaluation: recommended (discount)

Comprehensive evaluation: recommended (discount)

Product Links:>>> Glorious Model O Wireless Wireless Odin<<<

Sold price:699 yuan


1. Lightweight portable, only 69g

2. Hand invincible (individual think)

3. Long life

4. Wired / wireless dual mode

5. Mouse wheel has electricity tips




02 advantage

Let us first say the most important thing is that the most important thing is that this Wireless Odin Cave Mouse has a feeling of hand, and it can even be hit by 10 points for me.

Forgive my family, there is no scene, I want to go, I want to go only the cat.

This mouse is a symmetrical shape, but the right skirt is no button. Strictly speaking, in fact, the mouse of the symmetrical shape, the feeling of hand is comfortable, which will be more difficult than the right hand human body, and is more suitable for grasping.

Parameters Table

Wireless Oddin has a size of 69g weight and 128 × 59 × 37.5mm, and there is a slight waist design on both sides of the mouse to grasp the mouse very comfortable and not. However, relative, because the mouse is low, there is no comfort.

At present, the author often plays "forever robbery", and the operation is not as accurate as the FPS game, but the previous mouse is still very tired, this wireless Odin will not.

Omron's 20 million times, the universal hand is hard, but the button sound is also bigger. If you can't get it, you still need to try it, anyway, the author feels no transition problem.

Side skirt looks very advanced

In addition, the author purchased the wireless mouse is a business trip. This time I went to Tibet. From No. 13 from No. 13, I went home, and I had been charged at home for half a month before and after. According to the use of 4 hours a day, it is probably 2 hours after a time, and it is basically in line with the propaganda.

And this mouse has a wireless adapter in addition to the wireless receiver. That is to say, the 2m mouse line can be inserted on the computer. When not charging, the connector can plug in the adapter for wireless operation; when the mouse needs to be charged, unplug the receiver, plug in the mouse. For me this lazy, it is very convenient to do not need to plug in the USB interface.

The default DPI of the mouse is 400/800/1600/3200, which is equipped with the self-developed BAMF sensor, which can support 19,000; the umbrella line is more soft to the ordinary wire, the hand feels similar to the bold mask belt, just no elasticity. It is better than the nylon cable, there is no problem that is stuck, and it is softer to the rubber line.

Interestingly, when you use wireless mode, when the power is less than 10%, the mouse roller has a red light flashing, prompting charging. And during the charging process, the light of the roller portion can also distinguish electricity in red → yellow → green color, which is very humanized.

03 shortcoming

Let's talk about unmanned places, first of all, drivendownloadThere is no Chinese in the official website, and there is also no Chinese drive. Although the mouse driverHave a letterThe interest is very easy to understand, everyone knows about it, but it is not enough to do it.

In addition, there is still a problem that the cave is not easy to clean, the author is currently used in the south, and the weather is still hot, it is more prone to sweating. It is currently used for nearly three months. There is no dirt in the cave.However, even if "stunned", it is better to use a cotton swab to dry the wine. Anyway, dust falls in and does not affect the mouse.

04 Summarize

In the end, I summed it. In fact, the author is very tangled when I gave this mouse assembly. I originally given "not recommended", but I want to go, this mouse except for your point, it is really good.Moreover, it is not its problem that the mouse is expensive ... but my problem.