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Router also needs to be restarted? You don't know the netbook

Yh 2021-10-26 09:19:48

With the advancement of network construction, 100 megabytes of broadband have entered more ordinary people's home,routerIt has also become the standard of more and more families. However, many people are using the router, they are all inserted by the network cable. After the initial setting, no matter whether it is desperate, the router used in the family will occult network carton. .


Talking, "Broadband Tens of thousands, network speed first, the route is not strong, networking two walks of tears." These routers are commonly used, and you must have to accept it in front of the screen!

01 Does the router do not restart?

The author can tell you that if the router in the home is not a high product, it must be restarted regularly. The consequences of do not restart the router are mainly concentrated in the following points:

1. Long-term irresponsible caused equipment aging

Although the power of the router is small, the heat dissipation is general, but like all electronic components, if the long-term high load is used, the equipment overheating, like a router with a compact design, even the other, over hot, accelerate the internal equipment The electronic component aging, in addition to reducing the service life of the device itself, thereby also increases the chance of failure. Regularly "rest" to the router, help to improve its work efficiency.


2. Excessive cache, "card add card"

Nowadays, the smart router products are also very popular. It is usually a built-in chip, so it is similar to the phone. After a certain period of time, the cache will also generate the cache, and the router chip will produce a lot. Cache data, if the manual cleaning is not entered to the router settings, the router Carton is slow, and the delay of bandwidth allocation is transmitted, dragged down the user's experience, of course, can also be restarted by Timed The router cleanss the cache garbage.


Improve network speed small coup

1. There is a place in place

There is a very obvious reason that the object is too common to block the signal transmission of the router, although now many routers support wall, a large shortcoming of low frequency signals is that the network speed will be significantly reduced, and the router as the center of the transmitted signal. It is a large-scale shielding signal such as a sputum, so it is necessary to stay away from the cabinet, and it is best to stay away from the load bearing wall, so the center of the living room is very suitable.In addition to being away from the shield, the router is also preferably placed in a high, and it is believed that the distance between the front of the screen knows the distance between the distance, the distance can make the signal better transfer.


It is also important to note that the TV, wireless mouse, microwave, and induction cooker, etc., the Wi-Fi signal is also easily interfered if the router is placed in the middle of these appliances.

2. The antenna also has a university asked

Solve the problem of wireless signal in the home, the better the antenna, the better, affecting the intensity of wireless signal intensity is multifaceted.Wireless RouterThere is a variety of antennas, in fact, because of MIMO technology. With MIMO emission technology, there is a need for multi-antenna support, and the router can divide the data into multiple parts from different antennas, and integrate at the receiving end. Take 2x2mimo as an example, just like two people work at the same time, twice the original work efficiency, improve the wireless rate and significantly improve communication quality.

Therefore, when purchasing, the number of router products in the antenna should not be blindly selected. In addition to the emission technology, the decisive factor on the wireless router signal is actually the transmit power of the wireless router. On the other hand of determining the strength of the wireless signal, it is on the user's receiving device. It is not high if it is not high, then the user will feel that the wireless signal is not good, the actual experience of the Internet will be very poor.


There is another point, after purchasing the router, the antenna is not a regular whole row, in fact, the antenna cross vertical placement effect will be better, although it may not be beautiful, but this can expand Wi The -fi signal covers the range, whether lying or sitting on a mobile phone, the chance of interference from the Wi-Fi signal will become low.

3. Enhance security awareness, hello, I am good.

Wi-Fi password settings are also a very important ring, too simple, often appear by others, causing the network to slow down.In addition to regular replacement of complex passwords, it should also be started from itself to avoid using Wi-Fi.Crack softwarePrevent the home Wi-Fi password from being uploaded, causing the case of others, and even losing personal data.


Of course, some mid-end or high-end routers also have a quite practical "visitor function", through the visitor function, can intelligently distribute broadband to visitors or neighbors to avoid their own network speeds.

Finally, the author should also say more, if your router has the "Dual Function" function, then I suggest it to turn this feature, because Dual Function has a partition Wi-FiSituation, a lot of probability will directly help you allocate low-frequency Wi-Fi signals, and the speed of the network speed is directly turtle, which is quite influenced the smoothness of the Internet.

Do you know what to improve the speed of the router network in front of the screen?Welcome to share experiences below the screen.