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Free, pure, unlimited speed tell you why I change the Alibaba Cloud

Yh 2021-10-26 10:32:59

Since the public beta in March this year, the addition of Ali Cloud dishes has been quiet for a long time.netdiscThe world is another active. Although "Hundred Regiments" has passed many years, it is clear that several products that are not allowed to make users satisfied. At the time of the Alibaba Cloud Pan, in addition to bringing Alibaba's gold signboard, it also shouted the slogan of "unlined speed", which triggered the hot discussion of the majority of netizens. So half a year, how is the experience of Alibaba Cloud disk, let me give me a simple share of this beta.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

01 downloadUpload unlimited speed

First of all, everyone is the most concerned speed part. In order to verify that it is really unlimited, I have tested in the corporate network environment. First look at the company's network speed, use my Apple phone with a Linksys Wi-Fi 5routerConnect, the SpeedTest speed data is as follows.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

It can be seen that the download speed is 11.5Mb / s, and the upload speed is 5.92Mb / s. In the actual test, the Ali cloud disk can be running, and there is no speed, the speed is very fast. If my local network is again, the speed will be faster.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

Upload, if you share the files saved from the cloud disk, it is "second biography", which is similar to Baidu, 115 and other network disk. If it is a newly uploaded file, speed is basically full, specifically to see everyone's network bandwidth.

In fact, in addition to the familiar number of clouds, many small cloud trays are also unmissive, but these cloud trays are either limited in capacity, traffic, etc., or they do not support sharing, so there is no many people to use, even There is no help in unlimited speed.

andBaidu network diskwith115 Online StorageAlthough there are members, it is also different. 115 There is no difference to treat, whether it is a member, monthly member, and 7 days experience members' download speed is as fast. And Baidu network disk is very familiar. Ordinary members have not opened a lot, I want to experience unlimited speed, I can only open a super member, this makes many people feel very uncomfortable.

Ali Cloud disk has not yet launched anything related to members, and there is no restrictions on the functions. This is still very conscience.

02 Pure ads

Just like "boot advertising" on the TV box, the open-screen advertisement of the app has been suffering from the majority of users for a long time. I don't know when there is no advertisement. index. At this point, it is clear that the Baidu network disk for many years is not good enough. The current latest version of the app is an example, the open screen advertisement is 3 seconds and accounts for my entire mobile screen.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

Confuse Alibaba Cloud Dish, if not my hand is fast, I don't cut it on its open screen logo. This is obvious to form a distinct contrast with the former.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

In addition to open screen advertising, Baidu network disk also added more annoying applications, non-rolling, and the sense of view is very poor.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

More Services in the function page also arranged ads of their own other products in the form of a small program icon, and cannot be turned off.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

In contrast, Ali cloud can be called a clean soil, all of which are neatly arranged on the interface, without any extra advertisement.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

03 Complete capacity

Finally, it is charged. At present, Alibaba Cloud disk does not have any charging projects and there is no membership system, and all user experiences are consistent. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of Alibaba Clouds. The capacity of the Alibaba is complete, completely free and permanently effective, needs to complete the task in the welfare, such as modifying avatars, uploading documents, etc., open message notification, etc., the visual will reward about 1TB Capacity (I haven't finished it). As an internal test user, the author has received 3TB permanent base capacity, and it is necessary to land once every year, and it is also a little earlier benefits.

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

免费、纯净、不限速 告诉你我为什么改用阿里云盘

In addition to the first time, the capacity of the redemption code welfare has time limit, and the expiration will be recycled. However, the sign-in feature of the welfare society can get the reward of extended time limit months, and you need to move your fingers.

For many moderate users, 1TB free capacity is a bit not enough, especially the current video and games are getting bigger and bigger, and it is really stretched. Compared to the Baidu network disk provides 2TB free capacity, it seems generous.

This is also one of the current problems of Alibaba, which is not enough to look at other products compared to the market. If you need to store a large number of files may not choose it because this reason will not be selected. But if you are used to share some files, save some photos, these capacities are actually enough, hardworking, participate in some extra benefits, and also get some capacity.

04 Summarize

In fact, it is not difficult to see that the advantages and disadvantages of Alibaba Cloud discs are still more obvious as a product that is nearly half a year. It is also a phase of promotion, there is no more commercial things and toll projects, so it is a more conscientious product for the majority of users. To know that the personal cloud storage is a very burning, but there is very little profit, once the number of users go, the rear end investment is probably doubled. In recent years, Ali Cloud has done a lot of deployment in cloud storage, and chooses to have a network disk at this point in time, maybe in them, private cloud storage will be a good entrance.

Regardless of how to say, the actual experience said that Ali cloud disk is already excellent and easy to use, except for the current stage capacity, there is no big hard injury, just in the accumulation of resources and several old brand products. This thing is still a lot of user foundation. Everyone is going to use, even if it doesn't spend money, it is also a good support. More such quality products can inspire market competition, promote the development of the industry, promote better products and functions, so that users enjoy practical convenience.