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The true vivo conscience phone is born! The top Snapdragon does not freeze for 18 months 256GB: only

YH 2019-11-30 22:54:40

Vivo's product can be said to be very unique, and its design is obviously more beautiful than Huawei Xiaomi. vivo NEX has been affirmed by many in the industry, many even think that it is the top product beyond Apple iPhone. But another problem is that the price is too expensive for many people to afford. According to data, the growth rate of vivo mobile phones is slowing, and new products are in urgent need. The good news is that there is supply chain news that vivo may be developing a special mid-to-low-end model, and its overall performance is worth looking forward to. Judging from the design drawings and parameters, the aircraft uses a cutting-edge full-view curved screen, which has a larger curved arc than the current Samsung flagship model, and has been integrated with the frame. It can be seen that this machine should use the side COP packaging technology, which is very advanced.

The camera's rear dual-camera lens is equally powerful: it consists of a group of 3200W color lenses and a 1300W wide-angle lens, which can achieve ten-level adjustment of the lens focal length, which means that its shooting ability will be better than the same level of Huawei Xiaomi . In terms of configuration, it is said that it also uses the top Snapdragon 730 chip 8G storage 256GB fixed capacity design, which is powerful. It has been previously reported that Qualcomm will install NPU chips for future Snapdragons, so this new vivo machine can also achieve 18 months of non-stuck, achieving the ideal effect of faster and faster use. According to sources, its price may start from 1599 yuan, and from a configuration point of view, it does have a conscience.

The most important thing is that the new vivo machine is more generous. The front camera of the machine is made with advanced pinhole camera technology. The volume is only 30% of the general lens, and two lenses are overlapped inside, which can achieve a single lens. Variable aperture function, complex structure. The benefits of this are obvious: make the screen ratio of the mobile phone higher, and reduce the maintenance difficulty of the front camera. It is said that the machine also supports Type-C fast charging, and retains a 3.5 mm headphone jack, supports HIFI sound effects, and the practicality has not diminished.