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Refresh Look at me Another domestic mobile phone officially announced the rise! Has more than 500 mi

With the rapid development of technology, the development speed of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in recent years is also obvious to everyone. Once upon a time, the domestic mobile phone market can be said to be firmly occupied by Samsung and Apple. Domestic mobile phones have rarely performed well. However, in recent years, With the development of science and technology, a number of domestic mobile phones are also rising. Apple and Samsung have also been greatly affected, and many users have begun to support domestic mobile phones. In addition, the number of domestic mobile phone users has exceeded 500 million, making them eye-catching. Now you can announce the official rise of another domestic mobile phone!
In the mobile phone market, Samsung was originally the largest giant, and its domestic market share exceeded 20%. However, in the past two years, Samsung ’s mobile phone accounted for a lower and lower share of the domestic mobile phone market, and even fell below 0.3%. Many users believe that because Samsung phones are very expensive, the after-sales is even more expensive, and they lack certain innovation. They are not competitive among low-end and low-cost mobile phones, so they have gradually lost their position in the domestic market.
The other giant Apple phone has always had a lot of supporters in China, but with the emergence of disputes with Qualcomm, new models above iPhone 6S will face a total ban on sales, not to mention the final What is the result, at least Apple is still uncomfortable, and the price of the official website is constantly falling, and the trade-in activity has been started. The three new flagships such as iPhone XS, except for the processor upgrade to Apple A12, seem to be the same as There is no essential difference in iPhoneX, but the price is constantly rising, and sales can be said to fall far short of expectations.
Among the many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, it can be said that Huawei is a leader, and in recent years, Huawei's performance is obvious to everyone, and for now, it can definitely be said that another domestic mobile phone officially announced its rise! Huawei's mobile phone shipments even surpassed Apple's once, and in terms of global share in the last quarter, Huawei was as high as 14%, second only to Samsung. At present, the number of people using Huawei's mobile phones has been confirmed to exceed 500 million People, and many users are also starting to buy Huawei, supporting domestic machines. And the price of Huawei mobile phones in China is also very conscience.
Huawei mobile phone is almost a new flagship one month now, and it is involved in the high-end, low-end market. It can really be said that another domestic mobile phone officially announced its rise! Although Huawei is restricted in some places overseas, but it has signed 5G orders with many countries, it can be said that Huawei is constantly rising, and it can be seen that the number of users has exceeded 500 million. Then everyone thinks that Huawei ’s mobile phones are currently How is it going? Do you already support domestic machines? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Huawei compared with Apple and Samsung? Let's talk about your views.