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The trick of changing the screen of mobile phone is attached with instructions for changing the screen

LS 2022-10-10 14:32:04
The most common maintenance item for mobile phone maintenance is the maintenance of the mobile phone screen. Many people have the experience of breaking the screen of the mobile phone. They are so distressed that changing the screen is like dripping blood, ranging from hundreds to thousands. Especially for iPhone phones, some broken screens are still used without changing the screen.

However, do you know that most screen changes actually only need more than 100, because the broken screens of many mobile phones are often broken on the outside.

1 mobile phone repairman disclosed that 80% people did not know that mobile phones were divided into internal and external screens. The mobile phone screen is broken, and most of them are just the outer screen. All you need to do is change the outer screen. However, many maintenance businesses will not inform users that their mobile phones have internal and external screens, nor will they inform users that only the external screen is broken, but will replace the internal and external screens as a whole, and the price is much higher than that of only replacing the external screen.

If only the outer screen is broken, in fact, the replaced outer screen panel glass should be vacuum pressed together with the original intact inner screen with a press screen machine, which can be repaired, which is what the industry says is "press screen".

When many unscrupulous merchants change the screen for users, even if they only change the external screen, they will change the internal screen together. When they change the internal screen, they will make a second transaction and make another sum of money. That is to say, you have replaced your high-quality original internal screen, installed the assembled screen for you, and earned a few dollars at once.

Many netizens have been trapped by repair shops: after changing the screen, the mobile phone is stuck, the touch is not normal, the display is blurred, the screen is warped, etc. In fact, it was changed to the inner screen, which made me feel distressed.

[Science Popularization Time] Here we know about several screens commonly mentioned in the industry: original screen, rear pressure screen, assembly screen, etc.

The original screen is called the disassembly screen in many places. It may be the mobile phone screen purchased directly from Foxconn and other Apple factories, or it may be removed from the original mobile phone with damaged mainboard, that is, the inner screen and the outer screen are both the original screen. This mobile phone screen is the most reliable in terms of parts quality and pressing technology, and its price is also the highest.

It is recommended that the inner screen be damaged and replaced ~

The rear pressure screen, the liquid crystal is the original factory screen, the glass on the outer screen is broken, and the glass cover plate has been replaced for the second time after third-party maintenance. This kind of screen is suitable in price, high in cost performance, and has the color and quality of the original inner screen. Generally, the domestic external screen is replaced and then pressed by a screen pressing machine. Most businesses also recommend such screens.

There is also 1 press-discharge screen, which is re-pressed by a third-party repairer over the repair screen of the touch cable, but the LCD is the original screen.

If only the external screen is damaged, it is recommended to press a revised version ~

The price of the assembly screen (domestic screen) is very low, and the touch inner screen and outer screen are all domestic assembly. Long-term heavy use will cause yellowing, light leakage, darker, and serious color difference.

However, some netizens want to change their own screens. However, mobile phone maintenance is a technical job after all. The maintenance master must use a series of special screen cutting equipment and pressing equipment such as separator, separation steel wire, OCA optical glue, etc. It is still very not recommended that everyone do it themselves.

If you don't buy AppleCare service plan protection (or domestic mobile phone screen breaking insurance), of course, you are not recommended to go to the official website to change the screen after sale. the price over there is really expensive. look at the official maintenance price of apple ~

It is recommended here that you can go directly to Huaqiang North Feiyang (Tongtiandi) for maintenance and replacement. Today's article is my own experience of screen replacement. I iPhone7 it cost less than 100 yuan to replace the external screen (press the external screen later)