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First time business to open a mobile phone repair shop, all the information you need to see this article is enough, recommended collection

Tommy 2022-10-13 18:31:41

For young people, learning a trade and opening a mobile phone repair shop is a good choice. China's mobile phone market is getting bigger and bigger, and according to data from the "Daily Economic News," as of 2021, the penetration rate of mobile phones nationwide has reached 113.9 units / 100 people, and the average person has more than one mobile phone.

It is often seen that mobile phone repair shops on the roadside are deserted, but they can make 30 thousands or 40 thousands in a month. There is a popular saying in the industry that "the people who opened mobile phone repair shops in the early years have basically been financially free". If you also want to open your own mobile phone repair shop, this article will give you hand-in-hand guidance.

Opening qualification:

1. Mobile phone maintenance qualification certificate: to open a mobile phone maintenance shop, you must have a mobile phone maintenance qualification certificate. The official name is "user communication terminal maintenance worker". It is verified by the local human resources and social security bureau. However, it will be very troublesome to take the examination yourself. It is not necessary to spend money and time. In fact, there is no need to do so. You can directly find the local mobile phone maintenance training center to handle it. Basically, it is enough to spend money. However, it is generally OK to open a shop without a certificate.

2. Business license: Now this certificate is very easy to handle, and the country is basically free of charge. If you don't have a maintenance certificate, you can only sell mobile phones when applying for a business license.

Location proposal:

The biggest cost of opening a mobile phone repair point. For beginners who have just finished learning to repair mobile phones, it is better not to drive the store to the street of mobile phones. The competition is big and the rent is expensive. According to the choice of residential areas with high population density, which are closest to the maintenance object, many people will not go to the special mobile phone market to repair because of some minor problems. As long as you charge a reasonable fee, it is easy to form a large number of repeat customers around the residential area. At the same time, it can also provide convenient services such as door-to-door service. A smaller shop is practical enough.

Profit model:

Maintenance profit: some customers can't turn on the black screen of their mobile phones, which may only be a system problem. they only need to help the customers upgrade the system. Therefore, in some cases, the cost of repairing mobile phones can be ignored, only a little technology and time cost. Secondly, the screen of smart phones is getting bigger and bigger, which means that the probability of breaking the screen is also getting bigger and bigger. The mobile phone screen is almost the largest cost, especially the popular curved screen. Therefore, it is suggested that friends who are preparing to open a shop must master the technology of changing the screen and earn the greatest profit.

Accessories income: small accessories such as mobile phone film, mobile phone case, mobile phone ring, earphone, charging treasure, charging line, etc. are all made conveniently, and the smaller the items, the higher the profit, as long as you are enthusiastic at ordinary times, you will not worry about selling these items.

Selling card number: Many mobile phone repair shops have the business of selling mobile phone cards. Selling an ordinary card can earn tens of yuan. If you have a relatively smooth number, you can earn more than 100 yuan at a time.

Income from selling mobile phones: This may be difficult for many people to intuitively sell, but it is precisely because mobile phones are becoming more and more important in modern society that they cannot leave mobile phones for a moment. The simplest thing is to scan the code to enter the community and the company every day. Therefore, many people are afraid that it will affect their business life, so they will buy a cheap spare machine and make do with it first. It is suggested to accept some second mobile phones, which can be turned on and used.

Expand ideas: In this era when short videos are popular, more and more people have gained the trust of a large number of fans by showing themselves bravely through live broadcasts. It is suggested that everyone keep pace with the times and install several cameras in the store while repairing the mobile phone to broadcast the whole repair process live. As a result, the source of customers can be expanded, and fans and friends across the country can send their mobile phones for repair. Secondly, it is also a channel to create personal influence. With a mobile phone repair shop as the foundation, there is no need to worry about live broadcast content like other Internet celebrities. Through the continuous accumulation of fans, it is also a large sideline income.

Maintenance tool agent: Under the inherent cost of opening a shop, you can also cooperate with some manufacturers to act as an agent for various maintenance tools and equipment. After negotiating the distribution price with the manufacturer, it is recommended not to overstock the goods. If there is a need, contact the manufacturer and send them one by one.

Other profit points: the mobile phone repair shop does not just repair the mobile phone, but also helps customers guide information, breaks the boot password, etc.

Maintenance equipment:

For a novice, it is good to use common tools. One principle is to buy what is useful in the near future, and not to buy what is not used for the time being.

1, the hot air gun, if you want to repair the motherboard, at least two lead-free screw type one each; The daily use of the 300 yuan to 900 yuan configuration is OK, even in the standby state, some air guns do not have magnetic control, these details need to be paid attention;

2, soldering iron, it is best to bring fast heating, automatic sleep, dozens to hundreds or even thousands of, soldering tail plug dozens of, if you plan to repair the motherboard IC class to buy between 200 and 500 is enough.

3, stabilized power supply, above 110 yuan, there are also top-equipped 1000 or 2000, general mobile phone maintenance at present output 3 amps is enough.

4, stereomicroscope, you need to choose a can continuously multifold.

5, multimeter, about the price of 60 yuan, two enough;

Six, tin paste, tin-planting nets are now in too many mobile phone models, and the price varies greatly. Consider Apple BGA series, a set of 80 yuan or so.

Seven, the fitting machine, heating table, defoaming machine, anti-static bracelet, dust-free cloth, about 2000 to 7000 can be configured.

Eight, tweezers; The price is enough from 5 yuan to 35 yuan, or that sentence is enough. This is a consumable product. It needs to be replaced after a period of time. Prepare at least 4 or more.

Nine, high temperature glue, scissors, heat insulation tape, rubber band, cleaning solution, alcohol bottle, Tianna water, heat insulation pad, green oil, sandpaper, fixing frame, brush, small fan or hair dryer, purple light lamp, ultrasonic cleaning machine, material box. There are too many auxiliary accessories. Small items are of great use. Although the price is not high, many of them are consumables;

Ten, oscilloscope, spectrometer, for mobile phone maintenance, oscilloscope is optional, many repair mobile phone to buy oscilloscope is just as a tall decoration.

Finally, some non-technical suggestions:

To open a shop by oneself, one cannot rely entirely on professional technology, social experience, handling things and social skills are all very important. You must have confidence in yourself, treat people politely and modestly, make money in harmony, and it makes sense to stretch out your hand and not smile. If you accidentally repair the customer's things, you must have the courage to take responsibility and reduce the loss to the lowest point.