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5 Problems in Selecting Microscopes

LS 2022-10-07 17:42:38

With the development of precision and portability of digital products, the current electronic motherboard circuits and electronic components are becoming more and more refined. Many maintenance masters also have to use the microscope, a sharp weapon for imaging and precision operation, to help complete subtle observation and maintenance when repairing digital products such as mobile phones.

However, many purchasers themselves do not know much about microscopes, so they always cannot get satisfactory answers during the inquiry process. Therefore, today, in view of this situation, I would like to list out several major problems that should be prepared before the microscope purchase, hoping that it will be helpful to the purchaser's future purchase.

Question 1: What are the samples you want to observe before purchasing?

Because microscopes are classified by function, there are generally polarizing microscopes, metallographic microscopes, stereoscopic microscopes, biological microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, etc. The usage of different functional microscopes is also different. For example, polarizing microscopes are mainly used for geological ore research, drug analysis, observation of crystal inclusions, nerve fibers, animal muscles, plant fibers, etc. of teeth, bones, hair and living cells, etc. Structural details, analyze the degeneration process. Metallographic microscopy is mainly used to observe, identify and analyze internal structures of various opaque materials such as metals. It is suitable for factories and mining enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments. Biological microscope is mainly suitable for medical diagnosis, laboratory tests, teaching and research in medical and health fields, schools and scientific research institutions. Therefore, you should find out what the sample you want to observe before purchasing, so that the merchant can recommend you to the applicable microscope.

What is the approximate budget of the question 2?

Because microscopes are divided into domestic and imported microscopes. Under the same functions, imported microscopes are generally more expensive than domestic microscopes. If their own budget is not high, domestic microscopes can also be considered. In fact, many domestic microscopes have greatly improved their optical properties. If they are not applied to very advanced research, domestic microscopes can also meet the requirements.

Question 3.: Do you need a digital imaging device?

Because now the digital microscope has become a big selling point in the microscope industry, it can realize synchronous preview in the computer, and can save microscopic pictures in the computer, and can modify and edit these microscopic pictures, which is very helpful to the microscope users. In general, we still recommend the selection of digital imaging devices (display screen and high-definition camera).

What kind of effect does the question 4. want to achieve? How many times do you want to enlarge it.

At present, many enterprises will apply microscopes to product quality measurement, but microscope sales personnel do not necessarily know customers' products. Therefore, buyers can put forward their own requirements with suppliers, such as how many times to enlarge, can see the surface cracks of the product, or need to see the structure inside the product and other requirements, that is, what kind of effect needs to be achieved.

Question What kind of incidental services do 5. want?

The microscope industry is very particular about technical services. Pre-sales and after-sales services must be in place. Otherwise, it will be a headache for microscope buyers. There are also related service terms such as delivery date, payment method, whether to install, etc. are all issues worth explaining.

The above is that consumers should give priority to clearly when purchasing microscopes in order to better purchase microscopes that meet the needs. However, the maintenance master's demand for maintenance microscopes can be accurately satisfied with the latest X6S microscope for maintenance and inspection, with 6-55 times continuous zoom. The three-eye stereoscopic microscope can be connected with high-definition industrial cameras and high-definition display screens, which will be the only choice for your precision maintenance!