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The same Huawei mobile phone, what is the difference between online shopping and physical stores? Ol

  • Author:YH
  • Release on :2019-11-30

In the Internet era, smart phones have become a part of our lives, and also in our lives, many mobile phone manufacturers have risen, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo, which everyone is familiar with. Among these mobile phone brands, Huawei mobile phones can be said to be the most familiar and proudest of everyone. Even many netizens have said words such as "mature men use Huawei", which shows everyone's recognition of Huawei. Just the same Huawei phone. What is the difference between online shopping and physical stores?

We know that there are generally two ways to buy mobile phones today, namely online shopping and offline physical stores. For different young groups, there are different ways to buy. Young people generally like online shopping, and middle-aged and old people like physical stores. But also in this case, if we buy the same Huawei phone, what is the difference between physical stores and online shopping? Old users tell the truth!

There is a big difference between online shopping and physical stores. For mobile phones purchased through online shopping channels, if we feel that this mobile phone is not suitable for us, we can directly apply for a return. Generally, it can be returned directly within 7 days, and if it is physical Store, unless there is a problem with the mobile phone, otherwise it does not support return. Even if the mobile phone has a problem, the owner of the physical store will give you a phone at most.

Although it does not support returns, physical stores also have their advantages. Physical stores have a better after-sales system than online shopping. They also have more benefits and activities. More importantly, whether you buy or not, the physical store is there. And this is why the physical stores are basically middle-aged and old people who come to consume. And in addition to this, physical stores can also allow users to experience mobile phones directly, which is also the advantage of physical stores. In other words, the perfect after-sales and experience of physical stores is the biggest difference from online shopping.

On the same Huawei phone, what is the difference between online shopping and physical stores? Old users tell the truth. In fact, both online shopping and physical stores have their own advantages and disadvantages. No one can replace anyone on both sides. Of course, more importantly, whether it is a physical store or online shopping, pay attention to whether the mobile phone is a refurbished machine. What's your opinion on this? Which way do you generally choose to buy a mobile phone?