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The mobile phone runs through 1.1 million! Is it a credibility?

Yh 2022-03-05 16:31:08

If you often pay attentionmobile phoneDigital news, you may pay attention to such an interesting phenomenon, that is, whether it is the preheating before the mobile phone conference, or the convening of the mobile phone conference, mobile phone manufacturers often mention the product during the introduction of the product. Running situation, such as recently, a mobile phone manufacturer is about to release new products, and the official claims that the product is running through 1.1 million, so that many people are oscillated.


So, what kind of role is playing in mobile phone products? Why should mobile phone manufacturers mention it? What does it make up for our ordinary consumers? With these problems, you will understand this article.

01 What is the mobile phone running? It is a performance test is more face dispute.

The mobile phone run is the earliest use to test the performance of the phone.The so-called mobile phone running points refers tosoftwareTested to your phone to evaluate its fluency and performance in runtime, usually running, the better its performance. However, mobile phone running tests cannot explain the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, and can only see the same software in different brand mobile phones.

Mobile phone running usually includes UE testing (multitaskingvirtual machine), CPU overall performance test, RAM memory test, 2D / 3D graphics performance test, and performance detection of data storage I / O.


Of course, the project of mobile phone running is not a constant, it will change with the development of mobile phones and the needs of consumers. Take everyoneAnn rabbitTaking an example, in the Rabbit V9 version, the official has added an investigation of screen resolution, HeiF picture decoding performance test, video codec performance test items, etc.

Among them, Ann rabbits explained the new video-encoding performance test project. Ann rabbits indicated that video applications had occupied the mainstream market, so the video codec performance test project (representing shake, fast hands) , The performance of the mobile video app for the cutout of the cutout).


The high low score of running is a disorder of mobile phone manufacturers.Many people are very sensitive to the numbers, especially from small to big school, have a score of the teacher, and the score means that the academic performance or excellent ability, so that these people are eager to get the high score. Xiaomi uses running points in the mobile phone market to make topics, and it is this.

In 2011, Xiaomi officially entered the mobile phone market. In order to quickly open the market and popularity, Xiaomi made a decimal number, Xiaomi's founder Lei Jun also many golden sentences, like a fever, there is "I don't accept the run. Division, through running scores,Millet phoneAt that time, the products of major mobile phone manufacturers were hung in performance optimization, and also set off a wave of running public opinion offensive.


Xiaomi has set off a public opinion with running points, so that other mobile phone manufacturers have to participate, if they don't run points, consumers will think that this mobile phone manufacturer is too ordered, or the product has problems, so it is involved. The face problem of mobile phone manufacturers.

The higher the run, the higher the status of the mobile phone product, the more you can attract consumers to buy, so that students who have excellent results are likely to be favored by the teacher. It can also be seen from the side to see the mobile phone manufacturers' optimization ability, running is better than the mirror, the performance of performance can be displayed intuitively.


02 There is a reference significance, but it can't be blindly respected.

For running points, the author has two views of the reference, and cannot be blindly respected.

The first is to have reference significance.Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun once evaluated mobile phone running points, he said that mobile phone runs mainly evaluates performance and system optimization of CPU / GPU / RAM. Although the run can not completely represent the mobile phone experience, the run is definitely the foundation of the mobile phone experience. The running points completely opened the black box of the mobile phone, so that users know more about processor models and performance. Such different grades of processors are very large, and friends are not easy to use the medium and low-end processors to pretend high-risk.

As the Lei Jun said, although the run can not completely represent the mobile phone experience, the run is definitely the foundation of the mobile phone experience. Running points are high and can reflect the overall configuration of the phone from objective. Optimization is important, but the bicycle configuration, mobile phone manufacturers are optimized, and it is impossible to optimize the ability of motorcycles.


The next run cannot be blindly respected.The reasons have the following two points:

First, the existence of the mobile phone running.Because the running points involve the face problem, in order to get a good place in the running performance list, all major mobile phone manufacturers have always optimized the running items, some even got a whitelist: When detected is running Software, resources in all aspects of the mobile phone run at full speed to achieve good results. Because the "White List" event is running, Ann Rabbit is called cheating, and the document will be criticized.

Even so, still mobile phone manufacturers are keen on running, setting whitelists, and tampering with the cheating methods such as running score software. Due to the existence of racing, the mobile phone running project is ridiculed for the entertainment project, and the software is like a rabbit.Master LuIt is known as the name "Entertainment Rabbit" and "Entertainment Master".


For mobile phone manufacturers, the running software is also very helpless, and the means of upgrading the disadvantage. Taking the Rabbit V9 version as an example, it is much more than the actual physical value for the software report on the underlying interface of the system. Or use the system authority to affect the behavior of the normal implementation of AppA, and the rabbit V9 version will deduct points, some extreme situations, these results will even be marked at a significant location in the interface.

The anti-cheating means of running score software is behind mobile phone manufacturers' cheating methods, which also makes mobile phone running high-profile conditions, and consumers can not blindly worship their mobile phones when purchasing mobile phones. It is best to get the experience. After all, I can only provide reference.


Second, the running points weight and the algorithm have a total score.Different running points are different for each evaluation projectTaking Lu Master and Ann Rabbit as an example, the performance of Lu Master is consistent by CPU, GPU, RAM, storage performance, and the performance of the hares rabbit consists of CPU, GPU, MEM, UX, and their weight proportion Also different.


Different versions of the same software are also different.Taking Ann Rabbit as an example, the author's mobile phone Ann Rabbit V7 version is divided into 150,000 points, to Anbian Rabbit V9 version, the total points soared to 250,000, a breath has shrunk by nearly 100,000, carefully look at each evaluation project The GPU has increased by nearly 30,000, UX increases nearly 50,000 points, etc. These increased scores are mainly caused by Annabra rabbits to update the algorithm.

The algorithm of mobile phone running software is a "black box". The running score software can be modified at any time, and consumers can only accept passive acceptance, it is difficult to question this.So the rationality of mobile phone running points is challenged, and the running points no longer becomes the only standard for evaluating the performance of mobile phones.


For ordinary consumers, mainly look at CPU running and storage running.Powerful CPUs and excellent storage are the basis for ensuring smoothness, photo loading, or data reading and writing, because these are high use. User's daily use of CPU and storage are high, and the front of the running score software we did did not put the CPU and the weight of the weight in a protruding position, and some even wrapped it.

For game enthusiasts, mainly look at GPU running points.Because the game screen is real-time changes, the whole process needs to use the GPU rendering, the more beautiful screen, the stronger GPU performance needs.

In summary, ordinary consumers should be one of the reference criteria for mobile phone running, can't blindly adversely, so as not to adversely affect the normal use of mobile phones in the future.