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Don't listen to the merchant flicker WiFi signal, can't wear a wall

Yh 2022-03-05 16:38:21

With the continuous iteration of WiFi technology, the high-speed wireless network has become another basic requirement outside the home in addition to water and electricity. From this point of householdrouterThe purchase has produced a series of questions, of which "Strong signal is not strong" is most of the most consumer issues. Many merchants seized this psychology of consumers. In publicity, the "super high power", "Wall" and other words to attract users to buy, but in fact such words have misleading consumers, because WiFi The signal cannot wear a wall at all.

别听商家忽悠 WiFi信号其实不能穿墙

Some friends may say that since the signal strength and power of the router have a relationship, the direct high-power network is not finished. Unfortunately, this is not dripping in our country ~ our country regulates markets.Wireless RouterThe maximum transmit power cannot exceed 100MW, which is 0.1W, which is also for the user's physical health.

From this perspective, the so-called "high-power" propaganda of the merchant does not attack it. After all, the maximum power limit is in that, everyone's level is almost almost.

Since this road is unlike, how can I effectively enhance the WiFi signal, first let us take a look at what the WiFi signal is in the spread of the WiFi signal.

The antennas used by the routers in our family are all-to-pending antennas, and the signal is 360 ° uniform radiation in the horizontal direction. If the router is considered to be a whole, then the signal is probably like this.

别听商家忽悠 WiFi信号其实不能穿墙

The advantage of doing this is that the WiFi signal can be uniformly covered in each direction, but the signal strength is not as good as the orientation antenna. However, considering home scenes, this design is also very reasonable. In actual communication, WiFi signals (essentially electromagnetic waves) are reflected, refracted, diffuse, diffuse reflection and penetration after encountering different obstacles. This, the influence of the refraction is minimal, can be ignored, the influence of the penetration, especially the cement wall in the home, brick wall, can directly let the WiFi signal strength of the 2.4G frequency section attenuated to one thousandth, not to mention A worse 5G frequency band, more wooden doors, more corners, will make its signal strength decline sharply.

This is also why I tell you that "WiFi signals can't wear wall", after all, attenuated to one thousandth signal, and there is no difference between following breaking network. Therefore, the spread of WiFi signals is mainly reflected in reflex, diffuse, diffuse reflection, etc., after all, our room is impossible to use solid iron doors or stone doors, so the router placed in the living room can always find some The gap will pass the signal to the bedroom.

别听商家忽悠 WiFi信号其实不能穿墙

Some users like to be beautiful, like to put routers and light cats in a weak electricity box, which is very wrong. It is to know that metal obstacles have a very huge impact on WiFi signals, and it is easy to reduce signal strength to one tenth, which is why the phone will still have no signal in the elevator in 2022. Therefore, don't underestimate the thin iron tackle of weak electric box, it is simply a nightmare of the WiFi signal.

Therefore, choose the router, don't believe in "Wall King", "Wall" and other words, more still pay more attention to the configuration, performance and interface of the router itself, don't be cheap, a penny A stock.

For users who are temporarily not intended to upgrade routers, I suggest that they will enhance WiFi signals from the location and perspective of placed. First of all, choose an open place, as far as possible, avoid occlusion, so that the WiFi signal is allowed to radiate as much as possible. Pay attention to avoiding microwave, Bluetooth speakers, wireless buttons, etc., avoiding interference.

It is then the antenna of the router. Although the antenna can be rotated and adjusted for the router of an external antenna, but in fact, these antenna is also perpendicular to the signal when the signal direction mentioned above.

别听商家忽悠 WiFi信号其实不能穿墙

Just like the above picture shows, point the router antenna to you and will not bring the signal to enhance the signal, but will allow you to cover the weakest part of its signal. Therefore, our router only needs to draw each antenna is the best condition like the manufacturer's packaging.

For friends with budget upgrade routers, the current technology, single router is not doing the whole house signal covering without dead corners, especially the more complex rooms, the large-scale rooms above Balance, each wall, every wall, eachBoth the corner will cause a large decline in the signal, so you want to enhance the signal in some rooms from the router, and the router who supports Mesh technology is undoubtedly the most effective solution.It is necessary to pay attention to the current Mesh technology that can only match from home other products to play the best results. Different brands are not interoperable.