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What is the best in the material of the earphone diaphragm? Is there a big impact on the sound q

Yh 2022-03-05 16:23:16

What is the most important factor in buying true wireless headphones? According to Qualcomm "Audio Product Usage Status Research Report 2021", 51% of the first considers in the first consideration are sound quality when purchasing the true wireless headset. Also, the sound quality has been the most important options when people buy true wireless headphones for 6 years.

耳机振膜的材料多种多样 究竟哪种材料最好? Speaking of sound quality, all headset vendors will focus on the focus of the product details page. It can affect a large-ear sound quality, such as the design of the headphones cavity, the supported audio format, etc., will affect the sound quality of the headset. Among them, the diaphragm is an important factor related to the quality of sound quality. The headphones manufacturers have tried their hard work in order to make a diaphragm with a variety of different materials. There is a paper diaphragm, a wooden diaphragm, a metal diaphragm, and a biofilm and a plastic diaphragm. Why makers in the diaphragm are so large about it. What is the difference? Why do you finally tend to choose the material of plastic?

耳机振膜的材料多种多样 究竟哪种材料最好?

To unlock the secret of the diaphragm, you have to spoken from the sound of the sound of the headset. In accordance with the principle of exchange energy, the headphones can be divided into three categories of dynamic headphones, skilled iron headphones and electrostatic headphones. Consumer headphones in the middle of the headphones are most common, and the sounds of vocalization and the speaker's speakers are similar. First, when the audio signal current passes through the coil of the speaker, the coil generates a magnetic field change, so that the coil generates mechanical vibration, the coil drives the vibration of the diaphragm. Since the audio signal current changes very fast, the diaphragm also performs high-speed vibration at the same time, so that the air around the air occurs, and there is a sound wave, you can hear the sound from the headphones.

耳机振膜的材料多种多样 究竟哪种材料最好?

Then why there are so many materials? It is because the donor unit has very high requirements for the diaphragm. It is necessary to have a good rigidity, strong hardness, and a light weight, and it is necessary to have very high toughness. The rigidity of the diaphragm is good and the hardness is high, and the sound of the sound of the earphone can reduce the sound quality distortion. The transient response of the weight of the diaphragm is rapid, and the headphones are more likely to be pushed. The toughness of the diaphragm can effectively inhibit the generation of resonance. However, in the natural boundary, there is almost no hard toughness and high and light material, so the headset manufacturers have worked hard in order to find a material that is almost close to "perfect".

耳机振膜的材料多种多样 究竟哪种材料最好?

Among them, the paper diaphragm can meet the conditions in weight and toughness, but the hardness is not enough. The hardness of the metal diaphragm is hard enough, but there is a lack of toughness. Each material has its advantages and limits. Plastics are thin, but also good toughness and hardness, easy to produce, and low cost is the preferred film material of most manufacturers. In addition, manufacturers will also add various elements in plastics to further improve the performance of the plastic diaphragm. This is the composite diaphragm that you often see, or a graphene vibration film or the like.

Summary, the film of various materials is nothing more than the best balance point to reach the hardness, toughness and weight, so that the sound quality of the headset reaches the best state. The material of the diaphragm is important for the sound quality of the headset, but does not have to be too superstitious when purchasing headphones. Because the sound quality is a comprehensive problem for the headset, it involves all aspects of the headset. The ultimate headset's sound quality performance has to be conclusively by his own ears, do not see that the manufacturer is too boring for a certain diamond material.