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Strong and complete, cheap and easy-to-use gadgets, Beth 50-in-one screwdriver experience

Tommy Strong and complete, cheap and easy-to-use gadgets, Beth 50-in-one screwdriver experience 2022-10-14 15:06:10
Screwdriver should be an indispensable small tool in many people's lives. Although it may not be used frequently, it can really bring great help when needed. The current premise is that the screwdriver in hand is reliable enough, and the used batch head is available, and the hardness is qualified, and it will not be easily broken.

Recently, in order to improve the efficiency of training and maintaining various sizes of objects in the home, we started with a 50-in -1 screwdriver. We also had several sets of screwdrivers in our hands before, but we also encountered some problems in use. For example, most of the batch heads are only more than 20, including the pentagonal screws on Apple equipment or the large diameter screws on furniture, which cannot be done with 1 set of batch heads, moreover, the quality of the batch head is not very qualified, and sometimes it is discarded after being screwed twice.

The screwdriver started this time is a hand-screwdriver from Beth Special. The specific model is BST-8934A. It also has a twin brother 8934B, which specializes in repairing mobile phones and adds accessories such as warping pieces. This brand also has an electric screwdriver, but because most of the daily operations are small screws on mobile phones and other devices, it is OK to use a manual screwdriver.

Beth is also a brand specializing in hardware tools. It focuses on the demand for tools in the maintenance of digital equipment such as mobile phones, such as hot air guns and soldering.

This screwdriver uses a relatively portable press bin type inner box. At ordinary times, the screwdriver and batch head can be pulled out 1 as they are pressed, which is more convenient to use. Moreover, the 50 batch heads it contains cover common 1-word, cross, inner and outer triangles, inner and outer hexagonal corners, five-star squares, etc. Therefore, if most of the screws encountered when repairing some small pieces in the future, should be able to find the corresponding batch header on it.

In addition, the batch head of this screw head is also very reassuring in material. It uses S2 steel with a Rockwell hardness of about 60. It is not easy to drop slag and roll the blade when used, so its durability is relatively strong. Especially when dealing with some stubborn screws, the batch head is more reassuring because it has no hardness disadvantage. It should also be noted that the batch head has been oiled and rustproof in advance, so attention should be paid to safety during use to avoid oil stains on the batch head.

In addition to a sufficient type of batch head, this tool also provides a tweezer, which can be used to pick up the batch head and can be used to pick up the screws, which is very useful when dealing with small screws on mobile phones, glasses and other objects. Moreover, the bracket used to store the batch head also has magnetic attraction characteristics. The batch head and the bracket are very tightly adsorbed and belong to the type that cannot be thrown off. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the loss of the batch head when using it.

The handle of Beisite is relatively small, which is roughly the size of an ordinary pen. There are concave and convex lines at the handle and the front end of the handle, which is convenient to exert force in use. At the same time, the tail of the handle is also a full-angle automatic rotating nut, which is convenient for daily operation. Moreover, the handle is relatively light and easy to use for a long time.

After using it for a few days, I felt that the performance of this screwdriver was not bad, including the number of batch heads, actual operation and precision, which were in line with expectations. In the past few days, I mainly used this screwdriver to do some installation and mobile phone repair purposes. At the same time, I tried the performance on glasses screws and MacBook such screws with high precision, and the effect was not bad, therefore, players who need tools such as screwdrivers can pay attention to this product.