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Snapdron 860 and Xiaolong 780g released how to buy this year's high-end models this year?

  • Author:Yh
  • Release on:2021-03-11

This year, the high-end Snapdragon chip is lively, and there is Snapdragon 888 officially debut, and there is Xiaolong 870 followed. Everyone is still discussing how these two chips have bought, Qualcomm is also played out of the Snapdragon 860 and Xiaolong 780G two high-end mobile chips. Everyone in a series of operations is dizzy. So how do these four chips buy for consumers? Today we explain, and give actual purchase suggestions.

01 4 high-end chip parameters list

We first demonstrate the detailed parameters of the four chips in detail.

骁龙860与骁龙780G发布 今年骁龙中高端机型怎么买?

FromAnn rabbitRunning ranking, roughly 骁 龙 888> 龙 870> 龙 780g> 龙 860, Xiaolong 888 and Snapdragon 870 These two chips are very familiar, below, we mainly explain the dragon 780g and Snapdragon 860 .

02 Snapdron 780g may be the first choice for this year's light thin model

Snapdron 780g, using the same Samsung 5nm process with Snapdragon 888, the COU architecture is Kryo 670 that is improved by Cortex-A78, it is worth mentioning that thisMobile phoneUsing Qualcomm sixth generation AI Engine engine, power up to 12 TOPs, and another 10-bit HDR and 144Hz refresh display.

骁龙860与骁龙780G发布 今年骁龙中高端机型怎么买? Snapdragon 780g

Snapdron 780g highlights have two, which uses the current high-class top SpecTra 570 ISP, with the AI ​​engine of up to 12 TOPS power, providing powerful integration support on image processing; its second is integrated Xiaolong X53 baseband, no need The plug-in baseband, which means that the model of the Snapdragon 780G can achieve the balance of performance and feel, such as the first model using Snapdragon 780G modelXiaomi 11 Youth EditionThe weight reached 159g.

In addition, the Snapdragon 780G chip Ann Bunny is 560,000, such a result is a medium and high-end, and it is appropriate to put it on the main light and thin model. Therefore, we have reason to think that the Snapdragon 780G this chip will this year Widely used in 5G thin models.

03 Snapdragon 860, with Snapdragon 855 Plus

The Snapdragon 860 is in the same door with the Snapdragon 855 Plus. In Qualcomm official website, you can see the introduction of these two chips on the same page, without "avoiding the suspicion".

骁龙860与骁龙780G发布 今年骁龙中高端机型怎么买? Qualcomgong official website combined Xiaolong 855 Plus and Snapdragon 860 entry

In short, the Snapdragon 860 and Snapdragon 855 Plus is exactly the same as the CPU, GPU, DSP, etc., and there are three differences. One is the maximum support of the 355 PLUS, the maximum support for the 6G drag 860, which supports 16GB; its second is the Optimization of the Snapdragon 860 supports more shooting scenes; its third is the Snapdragon 855 PLUS support double 1080P 60Hz output, but Dragon 860 supports dual 1080P 90Hz output.

In addition, the Snapdragon 860 is not natively support 5G, which requires an external 5G baseband, which will affect the final price, so there is no current domestic market for 860 models.

Summary: Four chips purchase suggestions

From now on, these four chips have different market positioning, laid the high-end medium and high-end chip planning in Qualcomm: Snapdragon 860 positioning mid-end, plug-in baseband limits the body volume; 龙 780g overall comparative balance The AI ​​engine using the secondary ISP and up to 12TOPS AI is very bright; the Snapdragon 870 represents the high-class top chip, currently selling the dragon 870 chip mobile phone, cost-effective; 龙 888 represents Qualcomm current limits performance.

Finally, the purchase suggestion we give: If the price is affordable, consider the Snapdragon 860 model (if this chip is listed in China); pursuit of thin friends, etc., etc. It can be used to use the model of the Snapdragon 870 chip; if the limit performance is pursued, there is no doubt that you need to purchase the flagship model of the Snapdragon 888.