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How much is the double-owned video machine emperor plus 9 pro photo?

Yh 2021-04-08 14:39:27

A mobile phoneHas been impressed with the ultimate performance and high quality screen, and the recent listing of the 9 series, then againMobile phoneImage initiates challenges. The new product not only came to the strength of Zhou Xun, Hu Ge's narrative, and also cooperated with Hasu to create an imaging system, attracting a large number of photographic enthusiasts.

In recent years, many mobile phone brands have begun to cooperate with traditional camera manufacturers to create a specialized shooting experience, such as Huawei and Leica, Vivo and Zeiss, and more. So, how is the Hasu imaging gene blessing, how is it taken? Today we will discuss it.

01 More than one plus Hasu mobile phone imaging system has more cost-effective flagship

In the basic parameters, a plus 9 PRO adopts the post-four-final module design, 48 million pixel main photos + 50 million pixels super wide-angle lens + 3.3x telephoto lens + black and white lens. First of all, the main photo sensor of the 9 PRO is used is one plusSonyCombinedly customized IMX 789 sensors support OIS optical anti-shake.

At the photo, the effective imaging area of ​​IMX789 is 1 / 1.43 inches. It is one of the largest sensors in the flagship machine. The pixels are 48 million, and the single pixel area is 1.12 microns, and the four-in one is 2.24 microns.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强?

Main imaging

With a larger sensor area, a plus 9 Pro can quickly record more light information in the complex scene, such as the above picture, facing the lack of light, 48 million pixel main photos can also record the dark transition natural Photo, the texture of the entire picture is more prominent.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强?

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? 48 million pixel main photo

We can obviously be obvious from the sample, and the photo taken by 9 Pro is rich and natural. Hassan natural color optimization is tuned to the color phase, saturation, brightness, so that the color of the final imaging is infinitely close to the color performance of the Hasu camera.

The color of the Hasu camera has a very high reputation in the camera industry, and is the best color science in many professional photographers. One plus 9 Pro uses Hasu calibration in the standard's standard, realizes the color calibration of the sensor level, so that the ultimate imaging can restore more real and natural colors.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? Main photo night image

Let's take a look at the night scene, one plus 9 Pro imaging is not exposed, the picture is sharp, which is the role of the two native ISO function supported by the main IMX789 sensor. In addition, the highlighted force lens of the 7P lens, combined with OIS optical anti-shake, and the stability of dark light imaging is also ensured.

Night view is not only testing the photosensitive performance, but also affects the shooting experience. The new machine mainly supports full-pixel all-headed focus technology (all pixels can participate in focus), this technology is equipped with a AI algorithm, and the author will generate a high after shooting a very dark environment. Photo quality photo.

A addition of Hasu mobile phone imaging system, allowing the lens to capture real and natural colors; a consumption of nearly 2 years with Sony's exclusive IMX789 sensor, and guarantees a shooting experience with a multi-scene from the hardware level.

02 No longer defined as a deputy super wide angle to achieve the main entraining imaging standard

At the moment, Super Wide angle has become an indispensable camera that can not only capture a more open vision, but also shooting the photo space and the deep feelings, which is very suitable for shooting scenery and building.

One plus 9 super wide angle is equipped with Sony IMX766 sensor, its area reaches 1 / 1.56 inchesIt is one of the largest sensors in the smartphone super wide angle. In addition, with 50 million high-pixels, this sensor that reaches the main level, the noise control and details of the night scene remain excellent.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强?

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? 50 million pixel super wide angle night image

From the way, the excellent signal-to-noise ratio and the large bottom basis give this super-wide-angle lens pure imaging effect, and the highlight suppression and noise control performance of the night scene are protruding. In addition, Hassian natural color optimization makes the color of the picture rich, and the bright and dark contrast is very strong.

Of course, in addition to high quality, the most popular disease in super wide angles is marginal distortion. This time, a plus 9 Pro added a free surface lens on a super wide angle lens, reducing the problem of ultra-wide angle marginal distortion on the hardware level.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? Free curved lens

The surface of the free curved lens is an irregular free structure, and it is possible to correct the rays that have no uniformly projected light, and then cooperate with a certain anti-distortion algorithm, allowing a plus 9 Pro to perform a large view of viewing view, more accurately Ultra-wide image, solve the problem of edge distortion.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强?

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? Super wide angle imaging

From the perspective, the super wide-angle lens increases the range of view, while the edge distortion control is excellent. The vast perspective plus the composition of the composition, and the photographer looks magnificent and the picture is tensioned. In short, you will find that this super wide angle is far more than you think more than you think.

双主摄加持的影像机皇 一加 9 Pro拍照到底有多强? One plus 9 Pro telephoto

Of course, in addition to "double main photo", a plus 9 PRO is also equipped with a native black and white lens and an equivalent focal length of 77mm. In particular, this 8 megapixel long focal lens also supports OIS optical anti-shake, which can take a clear and stable photo in the handheld state, which is quite practical in the case of long-distance viewing. Have to say, the new machine is just the right advantage of the four-piece combination, and the full-time crossing section covers the full scene. Whether it is ordinary users or photography enthusiasts, they can meet the camera needs.

At last

The IMX789 sensor is a consumption of nearly 2 years and Sony is exclusive. One plus 9 pro is enough to grind the image hardware, the bottom sensor combines the Hassian natural color scheme optimization, no matter whether it is dark, new The machine can capture detailed, colorful photos.

At present, the ultra-wide-angle lens has a role in most mobile phones. Since the sensor quality is generally in the wide-angle, the image quality will be a lot, and the marginal distortion of super wide angles is also a headache. This time, a plus 9 PRO super wide angle is equipped with Sony IMX766 sensor, and the main entry imaging experience is guaranteed. At the same time, the free surface lens solves the problem of distortion. It can be said that the new machine makes the super wide angle imaging truly towards practicality, becoming true protagonist.

What kind of feature should be installed, and the importance of the image system in the hardware and software is a good demonstration for the lapse of the hardware and software.