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Counting WeChat various hidden small features to see the first one, then stop

Yh 2021-04-08 15:06:10

year 2011,WeChatFormal, 2020, Tencent Finance Show WeChat has already had more than 1.2 billion users. Not exaggerated, WeChat has grown to real national levelsoftwareHe became a social app that also insecurred in the daily life of the public.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

WeChat login interface (Daiyuan Network)

However, even our life is dealing with WeChat every day, but does not mean that you have an in-depth understanding of this app. In fact, WeChat has always had a lot of interesting hidden features. Today, take a few more, let's take a look.

1, WeChat payment record recovery

With the prevalence of electronic payment, WeChat payment has also become one of the daily use of the public. When using WeChat payment, each of our payment records will be reserved in the form of "billing".

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

However, sometimes it is possible to clear the bill information, this time you don't want this payment record "completely disappear", in fact, we can still find it back.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

step:Open WeChat [payment], click [wallet], find the upper right corner [bill], enter the bill page and click [FAQ], tap [downloadBilling】, select [Use to do certification materials], then fill in the time range, personal mailboxes and some identity information you want to query the bill, after the detailed bill is stillcompressionpackage,PDFThe file is sent to a personal mailbox, which can clearly show each payment record.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

In summ, you will not completely sell the money from WeChat, if you need to query consumption, just do it in the above steps.

2, confirm that you have been deleted

WeChat friends are more and more, but the circle of life is so big. In addition to fixed frequent information exchanges, colleagues, family, most contacts are more like a "familiar stranger."

Sometimes, when our heart is going to look at their friends circle, in addition to seeing a line, it is very likely to show you something else. In this case, the general probability is already deleted by the other party. .

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

But there is also an exception, and it is possible that the other party has been set up for three days, and recently did not update a circle of friends, so there is no other information. If you still sell each other, make a misunderstanding. For this situation, the easiest way is to send a message to the other party, but this kind of operation is very likely to encounter the "social death" crisis. I estimate that there are not many people who are willing to try.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

So in addition to direct information verification, is there any way to use and effective ways? Of course! In fact, in addition to sending a news, transfer is also a very good way of confirmation. Open the transfer, just enter a small amount, if you jump out "You are not a collection of friends ...", you can determine that the other party has deleted you.

3, the other party is entering

If you need to contact a person in WeChat, what you want to see may be "the other party is entering ...". It can be said that whether the daily work is still a life, when you send information to the other party, if "the other party is entering ...", at least the other means that the other party has seen your content, trying to solve the problem or answer you.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

Don't underestimate these words, many times, "immediately reply" does not only contain the literal meaning of the reply, which is also full of various little emotions.

Under normal circumstances, there are two cases, "One is input", one is to send the WeChat message, the other party opens the dialog in 10 seconds, and enter the text, you can receive "the other party is entering. .. "prompt. The other situation is to stop during the input of the other party, as long as there is content in the input box, our WeChat will also display "the other party is entering ...". However, there is a time limit, generally more than 10 seconds this prompt will disappear.

Overall, "The other party is input" is a good way to judge whether the other party can do secondary, if you send a message to a person, you can always see "the other party is entering", at least the other party is very careful.

4, memo

Speak a memo, many people knowMobile phone Self-bidding function, it is not just a mobile phone, WeChat is also available, but WeChat's memo can not only store rich content, but also present at the top of the homepage. For WeChat, it is necessary to open more than a dozen high-frequency software. In terms of almost every opening, you can see the memorandum information, you can say that it is really "memo" function.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

Steps: Open WeChat [Collection], click "+" in the upper right corner, will enter the [Notes] page, here we can add text, pictures, location information, files, voice and other content, and you can add a project symbol for items. Digital encoding, pending mark, etc., then we click three small points in the upper right corner. In the pop-up menu, choose "Top Top", so our memo will always present the top of WeChat chat, each time WeChat can see it for the first time.

5, private praise

We know, with the hot video of the short video, the WeChat platform also launched a video number function. When we browse some video content in the video number, if you encounter your favorite work, you will always choose some pictures. However, the work behind him will also push to the friends of WeChat. Many people usually want to hide their friends to see their praise, "Private praise" function will be delivered.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

Private praise open method is very simple, when we browse the video content, just click on the video to pause, the page will automatically pop up the "Private Praise" button, and then the friend will not see the content of us.

6, extraction picture text

As a social software, WeChat is not only used for transmission text, but also includes some picture files, etc., while using the image information is the function we often use, but before this, WeChat is not Support image text, or can only make a third-party applet. After the version is updated, we can finally extract the words on the picture.

盘点微信各种隐藏小功能 看到第一个就愣住了(不发)

On any friend's chat box, click a picture received, see the big picture, press the screen for 2 seconds, you can see the [extraction text] function at the bottom, click to immediately identify, apply or all the text, And support one-button forwarding, copying, collection, and very convenient.

Finally, there is something:

The above is some relatively practical WeChat tips I have organized, but WeChat as a national software, and its gameplay is far more than this, and with the version update, more practical features will be derived in the future. Today, these tips, little game, aimed to provide you with a better WeChat experience. Maybe you may be very familiar, but don't forget to share friends who are not familiar with them, let them experience the experience.