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Play mobile phone "Addiction" to give Huawei millet OPPO anti-addiction measurement compar

Yh 2021-10-26 09:10:56

Every night, you look early in bed, I want to play for a while.cell phoneI slept, I didn't know how to play in the middle of the night, I believe that many friends have experienced "Moon doesn't sleep, I don't sleep".

Don't underestimate this bad habit, this kind of you may already be a victim of mobile phone addiction.

In modern society, the mobile phone carries more and more life needs, and almost has become an external organ of modern people, and mobile addiction is also becoming a social problem. Many people are trying to make themselves from the binding of their mobile phones in various ways. But you probably not think, in fact, you may hide your mobile phone in your mobile phone.

This time I chose the three brands of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, take you to see which practical features in various manufacturers provide in the anti-addiction.

01 How to open anti-fatifier function? What function does it provide?

The first thing to say is, although we generally say "anti-addiction", each manufacturer does not use such a straightforward name in the system, and MIUI called screen time management, Harmony OS is called health, and Coloros is Application time.

Remove the title, anti-addiction function is not very eye-catching in various systems, you need to slide to the bottom to find this feature, Coloros is hidden in the application management submenu. Many different names plus unrestrained positions, users are hard to find this feature.

After the relevant function is turned on, the system is distinguished by the contents of the display. MIUI's watch mode can intuitively present the mobile phone use, the time of the app is used, and the number of mobile phones. HARMONY OS can show the length of the mobile phone and the use of the app. can be seen.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)

The anti-addiction function interface of the three systems (from left to right is Harmony OS, MIUI, Coloros)

I believe that through the above data, you have already understood your own level of your mobile phone. But what if I can't help?

It doesn't matter, the three systems of this test provide the use of time limit for the use of the app. However, on the specific setting, the three systems have different. MIUI can set the available time for working days and rest days, and Coloros can choose which day of the week limit, HARMONY OS does not have this option.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)
The APP usage time of three systems (from left to right is Harmony OS, MIUI, Coloros)

If you want to quit your mobile phone before going to bed, you can also choose to set your phone, Harmony OS and Coloros have this feature, and Coloros can set the on-time and end time of the deactivation status. The number of repetitions can also be added to the unrestricted app; Harmony OS is further set, you can add more deactivation time, and you can also set it to gray in the deactivated state, further suppress you Play mobile phones.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)
The deactivation of the three systems is set (from left to right to HARMONY OS, MIUI, Coloros)

In contrast, MIUI uses different ideas in this regard, you can set the long-term use of the rest day, and the mobile phone automatically enters the deactivation status, which is lacking more flexibility than the other two systems.

Record the use of the mobile phone and the use of each app, limit the use of the app, the specified time deactivated the phone, under this "three-axis ax" help, I believe that you will quit your mobile phone must have a half-meal. From the functions, the three systems have been there, but they are not perfect, and the specific use of the best depends on your usage habits and needs.

02 Featured features of each home

It is worth mentioning that the use of the record mobile phone and the use of each app limit, restricting the use of the app, and the specified time deactivates these basic functions, each system also has its own feature.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)
Harmony OS student model

HARMONY OS will ask the object when you use your mobile phone function. If you choose to turn it on your child, you will enter the student mode. In this mode, you must set a password to avoid the child to close this feature, and parents can limit the access content of the mobile phone, or the APP can control the use time and other data for mobile phones through Huawei Parents. Remote Access and Control. At the same time, HARMONY OS also provides hearing protection, which can record the volume size when using the headset, and prompt when the limit is exceeded.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)
MIUI's focus mode

MIUI provides a focus mode in screen time management, and the mobile phone will enter the lock state when the long-term, in addition to the emergency call and the camera, it is unable to use other apps, which is more practical for friends who need a task to complete a task. As time gradually close, the screen background will also change, there is a certain interest. However, it should be noted that the focus mode does not quit the option before the end, if you need to use the phone, you can only wait until the end.

玩手机“成瘾”得戒 华为小米OPPO防沉迷实测对比(待审不发)
Coloros spot mode

Coloros also has a focus model, but it has a small difference with MIUI in detail. In addition to the basic functions, Coloros also provides three different background sounds, which facilitates the user's more focused state. In addition, you can customize whether you are allowed to quit the focus in advance, more flexible in use.

03 Written in the last

Overall, three manufacturers of this measured comparison can provide basic records and control usage time functions in the anti-addiction function, and they can also provide unique and practical features. For friends who wish to control their mobile phone, it is very practical. However, the tool is just a tool after all, and wants to make it the greatest role, and self-cultivation is the key. I hope the reader friend can develop good usage habits and are not bothered by mobile phone addiction.