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OPPO Find X2 Pro Night Shot more clearly than Apple to see the difference

  • Author:YH
  • Release on:2020-11-15
The OPPO phone has been very good at night shooting. The newly released OPPO Find X2 Pro is one of the flagship phones with the best night shots. However, with the release of the iPhone11 series, apple has also updated the iPhone11 series of night shooting features, night shooting is also very powerful. So what's the difference between the OPPO Find X2 Pro and the iPhone11 Pro Max in terms of night-time shooting? Zhongguancun Online first made a comparison between OPPO Find X2 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max. Let's have a look.
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别
Both phones were shot in low light, and the difference between the OPPO Find X2 Pro and the iPhone11 Pro Max is stark. First of all, OPPO Find X2 Pro has a very low exposure from the brightness of the photos taken, and the details of the light source can also be seen clearly. The photos taken with the iPhone11 Pro Max were so exposed that the details of the light source could not be clearly identified.
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别
The differences between the OPPO Find X2 Pro and the iPhone11 Pro Max focus on exposure. OPPO Find X2 Pro has a lower exposure than the iPhone11 Pro Max, but due to the lack of direct involvement of the light source, OPPO Find X2 Pro has brighter and more detailed photo effects than the iPhone11 Pro Max.
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别

In these night-time shots, the exposures between the iPhone11 Pro Max are reversed. OPPO Find X2 Pro has a higher exposure than the iPhone11 Pro Max, with the main difference being the color of the building surface taken up close and the brightness of the tree surface taken far away.
OPPO Find X2夜拍多清晰? 对比苹果看出区别
We can also see the difference between the OPPO Find X2 Pro and the iPhone11 Pro Max if we double the size of the photos taken at night. Although OPPO Find X2 Pro is brighter, it performs very well in terms of exposure control. In addition, the iPhone11 Pro Max has a low exposure, but the building surface is usually yellow. OPPO Find X2 Pro takes more realistic shots.

In the low light environment, OPPO Find X2 Pro will turn on the soft light synthesis of triple shots, which can significantly improve the brightness of the picture, so as to make the picture more beautiful and colorful. However, the synthesis of iPhone11 Pro Max will be overexposed, and the loss of noise and analytical power is also quite serious. The processing of details of the camera under night scene obviously lags behind that of OPPO Find X2 Pro.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hardcore Night Shot behind the technology

The Find X2 Pro first full Pixel Omni-directional PDAF technology improves the structure and layout of the image sensor microlens by using a 2*2 Quad Bayer array, in which 4 pixels share one on-chip lens, significantly enhancing the sensitization and focusing ability. Thanks to the significant improvement in sensor sensitivity, the focus performance is particularly improved in dark light environment, such as more accurate and faster focus in the environment with brightness less than 10Lux (indoor light with light on at dusk). The full-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology has two obvious advantages over other focusing technologies:

100% pixel focusing: Traditional focusing technology can only use a small number of pixels for phase difference detection (only 3% of most image sensors that support four-in-one pixels are capable of focusing). And the full-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology enables all pixels to do phase difference detection. As a result, even small subjects can be focused with high precision.

Should not be restricted by the object shape and texture: in the traditional way of phase difference detection, due to the pixel is divided into left and right sides only to test, so don't have the "horizontal" and "oblique" texture focus ability, and the total pixels total to focus will be on the SLR technology into a mobile phone, besides can get around focusing information, also can obtain information focus, so the focusing accuracy are improved under various scenarios.

The Find X2 Pro is the industry's first mobile phone that supports 12bit ultra-clear image acquisition. Up to 12 bits straight out of the original image. 12BIT is 4 times more grayscale information than 10BIT, so as to obtain a higher dynamic range and more delicate color, which not only enriches the details of highlights and shadows in photos, but also makes color transition more natural. Support 12 bits of Raw data straight out of the image, so that professional enthusiasts have more post-processing space. At the same time, the Find X2 Pro is the industry's first mobile phone that supports 10 bits /1 billion colors from shooting, storage and display. From shooting to appreciating, we can fully experience the visual enjoyment brought by 1 billion colors.

Wrote last

This year, all the major manufacturers in the ability to take pictures, in the night shot is super night scene and other modes, but this is in the software algorithm optimization. The Find X2 Pro is further upgraded with a custom flagship image sensor that has the largest image sensor size and the largest single pixel size in the 48MP phone camera, and offers strong dark light capability through DCG technology dual gain signal conversion (dual native ISO) to easily capture pure night scenes. This will surely become a new indicator of the customization of mobile phone photo demand in the future.