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What can Samsung Exynos 1080 bring to us under 5nm process

YH 2020-12-01 10:51:18
On November 12, Samsung held an event in Shanghai to unveil Exynos 1080, a 5G mobile processor with flagship performance using a 5nm process. In the interview of the 10th anniversary of Samsung's Exynos, Dr. Pan Xue-bao of Samsung Semiconductor Research Institute in China also revealed that this mobile processor was specially built for the Chinese market. In addition, Vivo will first carry the message of Exynos 1080 terminal, which shows that Samsung attaches great importance to the Chinese market this time. So what exactly can such a mobile processor bring to consumers? This article will help you find out.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

01 Flagship technology

Samsung's Exynos 980, launched last September, integrated 5G communication capabilities as a mid-range mobile processor. Now its successor, Exynos 1080, not only has a more versatile 5G, but also has a flagship experience that goes beyond the next level. The flagship Exynos 1080 experience has many facets to it, starting with craftsmanship.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

The Exynos 1080 is Samsung's first 5nm mobile processor and USES Samsung's own 5nm EUV FinFE technology, becoming the third member of the "5nm Club" after Huawei Kirin 9000 and Apple A14 bionics.

It should be noted that in the age of 7nm as the flagship standard, Exynos 980, the previous generation of Exynos 1080, only used 8nm process. The 5nm process, which is identical to competitors' flagship products, provides a solid foundation for the flagship performance of the Exynos 1080.

Compared with the previous generation process, 5nm means stronger performance at the same power and lower power consumption at the same power. If the hardware resources are properly configured and scheduled, the Exynos 1080 can provide both a smooth experience and increased battery life.

02 flagship performance and power consumption

Another flagship feature of Exynos 1080 is performance. The CPU part of Exynos 1080 adopts the three-cluster architecture of 1+3+4, including a flagship Cortex-A78 kernel with a primary frequency of 2.8GHz, three flagship Cortex-A78 cores with a primary frequency of 2.6GHz, and four efficient Cortex-A55 cores with a primary frequency of 2.0GHz.

The purpose of this architecture is to better mobilize CPU resources according to different usage scenarios, avoid wasting "big core" performance on the premise of satisfying smooth experience, and thus achieve low power consumption and high performance. Combined with the 5nm process, the effect of the three-cluster architecture is even more obvious. The CPU performance of the Exynos 1080 was almost double that of its predecessor.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

In terms of GPU, the flagship idea of Exynos 1080 continues, adopting ARM's flagship GPU core Mali-G78, which has 10 cores in total. The PERFORMANCE of GPU is more than twice that of the previous generation, and with the high refresh screen, it can bring more than 60 frames of game experience. Meanwhile, Exynos 1080 GPU graphics module and DPU display module also support HDR display and 10BIT color depth, which can make the game screen more immersive.

As for the other two pieces of hardware that affect day-to-day operations, memory and body storage, Exynos 1080 also supports them at the flagship level. Exynos 1080 supports the latest LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage, both of which have ultra-fast data throughput capabilities that are important for users accustomed to high definition, high-capacity media content consumption, especially in the era of 5G network speeds.

Flagship 5G communication

Exynos 1080 also achieves flagship level of comprehensibility for 5G support. Previously, only the location-based flagship Exynos 990 supported both Sub-6 GHz and mmWave, while the other two mid-range mobile processors Exynos 880 and 980 supported only sub-6 GHz 5G. The integrated 5G modem of Exynos 1080 supports both NSA/SA dual modes and sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave frequency ranges.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

Compared with the sub-6 GHz which is popularized in China, MMW has the advantages of fast transmission rate and wide frequency band range. Because the sub-6 GHz frequency range has been taken up by many other applications besides 5G communication, there are few options left for operators. Therefore, supporting millimeter wave is an important premise for 5G mobile phones to realize ultra-high quality network in the future.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

Sub-6 GHz and MMW (Figure Source: Network)

In terms of millimeter-wave, operators have already made some moves. In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 5G of millimeter-wave will be used on the site, which will solve the problem of network slowness caused by dense network personnel requiring high bandwidth in the same region.

In addition to 5G, Exynos 1080 also naturally supports a variety of 2G, 3G and 4G networks, including GSM, CDMA 1X, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-LTE and LTE FDD, achieving full netcom to the maximum extent.

Flagship AI and image processing

After a few years of maturity, the application of AI in the mobile phone is no longer an armchair. Whether it's AR functions through supporting apps, increasingly intelligent voice assistants, or image and voice recognition, the AI capability of mobile processors has become a hardware capability that really affects the daily use experience. In order not to sacrifice the consumer experience in this respect, Exynos 1080 is built with NPU and combined with DSP to form a flagship AI solution.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

Exynos 1080 also reached the flagship level in image processing. The built-in ISP supports up to 200 megapixel image resolution, which is no problem even for the flagship "megapixel" outsole sensor currently on the market. Therefore, with the right camera, Exynos 1080 can help users take sharper photos and record 1080P video simultaneously with up to six cameras.

Nowadays, video has become one of the most popular ways to record and share life. It's increasingly important to have a phone that can shoot good, clear video, day and night. Exynos 1080 supports 10bit video shooting, which is four times more colorful than the traditional 8bit, making the video color more accurate.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

8bit vs. 10bit comparison diagram (figure source: network)

To watch 10-bit videos, we also need a screen that can see 10-bit content. Fortunately, Exynos 1080 also supports 10-bit screen output, which can be output on compatible screens.

When the lighting is not good, the final image, whether it is in a photo or video, will be greatly reduced by noise. The ISP of Exynos 1080 is able to combine THE AI computing power of NPU to perform RAW field noise reduction through machine learning to solve a variety of screen problems.

5nm工艺下 三星Exynos 1080能给我们带来什么(待审核不发布)

Exynos 1080 also has a hardware-level time domain noise reduction module built in, providing a stronger video noise reduction effect. Especially at night, noise reduction and HDR can be combined to enable consumers to achieve "night scene mode" when recording videos.

New competition pattern, new buying machine choice

2020 has been a chaotic year, but it has also been a year of new weather, especially in the mobile phone market. Around the world, top-of-the-line, expensive flagship phones are no longer the only way for consumers to get a flagship experience. More and more products offer consumers a flagship experience at a reasonable price, which is more important in the more competitive domestic mobile phone market.

Although the price of the relevant devices is not yet known, we have sensed Samsung's determination to bring flagship performance to the "80" level of mobile processors with Exynos 1080, meaning that consumers are likely to see more terminals with a flagship experience rather than a "high price". For example, the upcoming launch of vivo mobile phone with Exynos 1080 will be highly anticipated.