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Bluetooth headset is correctly used

LS 2022-05-17 17:41:14

Portable, lightweight, fashionable, these features make Bluetooth headsets popular. However, the wrong way of use is likely to cause harm to the ears. Today, let Xiaobian bring you the correct posture of Bluetooth headset!


Is the Bluetooth headset hazards?

As we all know, any electrical equipment has a magnetic field and radiation with a magnetic field. Experiments have shown that electromagnetic radiation over a certain range will cause damage to human health, so will we wear Bluetooth headsets for a long time harm health?

The first thing you need to know is whether the radiation of Bluetooth headset affects health, which is the key depends on the radiation strength. The radiation generated by Bluetooth headsets belongs to non -ionizing radiation, with low frequencies of electromagnetic waves and relatively small impact on the human body. Generally, the greater the output power, the higher the strength of the radiation electromagnetic field, and the Bluetooth headset and electronic devices are generally only a short distance connection. The transmission distance is generally only a few meters. As long as the power is very low, the radiation strength is weak.

At present, the output power of the Bluetooth headset on the market is about 2-3 mcws, which is far less than the international regulations on the safety standards of radiation sources. Therefore, it has basically no effect on human health, and everyone can use it with confidence.


What are the hidden dangers of Bluetooth headsets?

Although the use of Bluetooth headsets is safe, everyone should also pay attention to the hidden problems in other aspects.

The volume that normal people can bear below 85 decibels, but when using Bluetooth headsets, many friends do not notice the volume of the headset volume, which is likely to expose the ears in the environment of high decibels. Big damage, especially some inferior headphones, may be more damage to the ears.

At the same time, the headset is also a "severe disaster area" for hidden dirt. Many human dead skin cells and bacteria will be attached to the earplugs. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is likely to cause inflammation of the ears.

Long -term use of headphones to answer calls or listening to music is also a kind of harm to the ear itself. Because the distance between the eardrum and the earphone vibration tablets is very close, the sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated, it is relatively stimulating to the eardrum hearing nerve ; If you listen to a few or even ten hours in a row, sudden deafness may occur.


How to use it correctly


It should not be worn for a long time

With Bluetooth headsets, we must control the duration and frequency. Adults should not exceed 3 to 4 hours a day with Bluetooth headsets, and adolescents should not exceed 2 hours. It is recommended that the little friends wear the headset to relax for a period of time to avoid excessive ear listening load. In comparison, headphones are healthier than earplugs.


Control in the appropriate volume range

When using Bluetooth headsets, avoid high volume with high volume, and control it in a clear range of answering. It is recommended that you control the volume of the headset within 50%to avoid excessive stimulation of the internal structure of the ears.


Regularly clean the headset

Check the headset regularly, and gently wipe the outside of the headset with alcohol and cotton swabs. Not only can the earphone bacteria avoid causing inflammation of the ear, but also allows us to have a better auditory experience.


Try to use the earphones with good noise reduction

Reduce the external noise that penetrates into the ear, can protect hearing to a certain extent, and also bring a better experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you use good noise -canceling headphones to avoid poor quality products.


The headset and the device should be kept within a certain distance

In general, the effective use distance of Bluetooth headset is 10 meters. Most mobile phones and mobile devices now use PowerClass2 with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters. In daily use, the distance between mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets

Don't be too far. If there are no major obstacles in the middle, the quality of the transmission within 7 meters is very good. Breakpoints will occur over 8 meters, and more than 10 meters will lose connection.