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5 kinds of sand sculpture invention

YH 2019-06-30 23:58:09

In the blink of an eye, it’s another weekend. If you have a rest at home, if you have nothing to do, make a little invention. Although it looks like some sand sculptures, almost all the inventions have been ridiculed at first. Really, don’t laugh, unless you can’t hold back. ! ! !

Water bottle

Drinking water with your best friends can reflect the friendship of the brothers. Look, that affectionate look!

With a capacity of 2 liters, both ends can be opened, enough to squeeze the last drop!

Passerby speaker

In fact, it is a horn connected to the belt. When someone walks in front of you and blocks you too slowly, press the button!

Mobile phone umbrella

You may be cool, you don't want to have an umbrella on rainy days, but it's easy to get a problem with your phone.

With the perfect ergonomic umbrella, you can brush your friends in the rain with confidence. The product can be easily installed on any smartphone, even if it doesn't rain, it can be used to force it!

Additional pocket

Nowadays, many clothes have no pockets. In fact, it is very inconvenient. This product solves the pain points.

Its unique feature is the modular design, you can grasp the quantity and match

Not to mention how many extra items you can put, just this fashion sense is amazing!

Roller heels

Just after some practice, you can use this equipment to walk fast.

Because this is just an add-on tool, you can pair it with a variety of high heels!