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In fact, you can repair these six types of mobile phones!

LS 2022-06-17 16:05:51

Now a smart phone

Let's say function and use

It's too big

Watching information, playing with friends, brushing Weibo, playing games ...

Can be said to be omnipotent

But you must have encountered such a situation too

The mobile phone uses "card, card, card"

Cars and interface reactions are not spiritual

Choose to restart or shut down?



"Restart" only needs to click once, and you need to click Two times to "shut down and turn on". Think it is just such a simple difference? Then you are wrong!

In fact, the mobile phone shutdown and restarting the two different modes are hidden in a lot of knowledge ~ Application software has frequently retreated, the mobile phone has become an earphones mode, Face ID cannot correctly know others' faces ...

In the process of using mobile phones, everyone often encounters various problems. How should we solve it? Learn these tricks, you don’t need to go to repair shops for small mobile phones ~

What is the difference between restarting and shutdown?

To put it simply, restarting is the restart of the mobile phone software level, and the shutdown and then turned on to detect the hardware state of the mobile phone.

Different one: Operation speed aspect

Differences 2: In terms of power consumption


Difference 3: In terms of mobile phone fluency

After seeing this, is it instantly "clear"? When you want to shut down or restart next time, you may wish to consider factors such as mobile phone power, mobile phone operation speed, storage space and other factors, and cure your small tangles ~

In the process of using mobile phones, you often encounter various bugs. Learn these tricks. You don’t need to go to repair shops for small mobile phones ~

What should I do if the mobile phone application flash retreat?

Flash retreats often occur after the mobile phone life is long. This may be related to the storage space of the mobile phone. Friends may wish to check it first.

Operation guide:

Generally speaking, the remaining memory space of the mobile phone is more secure than 10GB. After unnecessary files such as APP, WeChat, QQ and other chat software are unnecessary, the photos that can be stored in the network disk storage can be uninstalled or cleaned up. Smooth. (After WeChat clears the cache, the pictures and files in the original chat history cannot be opened. Remember to back up important content)

What should I do if my phone becomes a headset mode?

If the mobile phone accidentally gets in water, or put the mobile phone in a humid environment for a long time, it will cause the phone to turn into the headset mode, and there is no sound outside, but the headset mode is normal. Especially the friends who listen to music with their mobile phones should be deeply appreciated.


Operation Guide: Poke the headset jack with a cotton swab or toothpick, or roll the paper towel into a column, plug it in the headset jack (note that it must be full), stuff it in and then quickly pull it out. ~

What should I do if my mobile phone is hot?

When the mobile phone surfes the Internet, the power consumption is large, or the charging circuit has a large current through the charging, which will lead to a certain degree of fever.

Operation guide: Try not to use mobile phones to access the Internet or play large games when charging. Try to insert the headset as much as possible. You can remove the mobile phone cover when charging, which is conducive to the cooling of the phone.

What should I do if the mobile phone charging speed is too slow?

Use the original charger to charge the mobile phone, which takes at least one and a half hours from 1%to 100%, and the speed is slow. In order to avoid disagreement outdoors, everyone will carry mobile charging treasures with them. The two sockets of the charging treasure, 1A and 2A are different ~


Operation guide: If you want to charge quickly in a short time, you can use 2A sockets, but because the output current is large, the mobile phone is easy to get hot, and it will cause damage to the battery. Therefore, it is only recommended that you use it emergency use.

The mobile phone cannot recognize the SIM card

It may be caused by the following reasons: the SIM card is not placed correctly, the SIM card is damaged, and the IMEI number of the mobile phone body is lost.


Operation Guide: Re -install the SIM card and wipe the metal chip clean. If you can read it with other SIM card mobile phones, it is recommended to replace the new card.

What should I do if Face ID fails?

Some friends found that when they were unlocked with face, they could not recognize their faces after a while. If the face ID is replaced, the mobile phone keeps reminding you that "move down a little" and "move a little farther", and you can't collect your face information for 5 minutes without tossing for 5 minutes.

Operation guide: You can turn off first, then restart, and you can recognize it normally after restarting. This method is immediate

These small problems occur on mobile phones. Little friends don’t have to rush to repair the store. Move your hands, maybe you can solve it yourself.

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