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The magic of "airplane mode" on mobile phones, I guess you don't know

LS 360 Mobile Guard Service Number 2022-06-24 15:38:00

Speaking of "Airplane Mode"

Originally intended for use during flight

Put the phone in a state of not transmitting and not receiving signals

This will not interfere with the instruments on the aircraft


However, many friends will say

I don't fly, what's the use of it?

NO! After reading it, you know it's sloppy

Let you unlock the magic of "airplane mode" together

01 Don't worry about mobile phone radiation problems

I'm worried that the phone will have radiation if it is not turned off at night

Turning off and on is cumbersome

In fact, just turn on the phone's airplane mode! When we turn on the airplane mode,

the mobile phone signal is in a state of not transmitting and not receiving,

Radiation is very small. This can not only save the time of switching the machine,

but also reduce the radiation of the mobile phone, killing two birds with one stone.


02 Does not affect the use of mobile phone alarm clock

I don't want to turn off at night

But I don't want to be woken up by all kinds of phone calls

Then turn on airplane mode. For those phones whose alarms "go off"

as soon as they're turned off, Airplane Mode is here to save them.

After turning on the airplane mode, the mobile phone alarm clock can still be used as usual.


03 Reset the network

Passing through an area with no signal

After a long time, the phone still has no signal

Can't connect to the Internet even after recharging the phone

When the mobile phone information is not good or the network is not good,

everyone usually chooses to restart the mobile phone, but there is a simpler way,

which is to turn on the airplane mode, etc.

Wait a few seconds, then turn off again. In this way, the phone will search for signals

and networks again, which is the same as restarting the phone, and takes less time.


04 Save phone battery

If you're out and about, your phone runs out of battery

inconvenient to charge

Then turn on airplane mode. The process of constantly searching for and receiving signals on a mobile

phone is very power-intensive. Turning on the airplane mode turns off this process and stops the application from

The network receives data, and the power can be saved a lot. And turn on airplane mode

while the phone is charging, and the charging speed will be faster.


05 Safe Internet access and anti-disturbance

when you want to be alone

But I'm curious about what my friends are doing

Want to play games with peace of mind

Don't want to be disturbed by all kinds of phone calls?

Turn on airplane mode and still be able to surf the Internet! Although all networks are automatically

disconnected when airplane mode is turned on, you only need to manually restart the wifi again.

In this way, surfing the Internet and playing games will not be disturbed by the phone.

06 Anti-bear kids play with mobile phones

When the bear kid wants to take your phone to play games

It's better to turn on airplane mode, the phone has no mobile data, can't send text messages,

make calls, and don't worry about being messed up to burn money or traffic,

and don't worry about embarrassing others by calling or texting.

The original phone "airplane mode"

Not just for flying

It has so many functions in daily life

Did you learn it~

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