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In Front of May, I have brought the new UI for Watch3.

Yh 2021-04-08 14:27:23

There is a digital blogger revealed that Huawei Watch3 will bring a new UI, which is expected to do it around May.SeeTo a new upgrade flagship smart watch: Huawei Watch3 series.

华为 Watch3 蓄势待发:在鸿蒙 UI 上采用全新设计语言,支持 eSIM

It is said that Huawei Watch3 series will support ESIM function, and the special design language will be used in the new UI of Hongmeng OS, which makes it different from the existing Watch GT series.

He also said that the new Huawei Watch3 will support multi-port circulation tasks, support more third-party applications.

In terms of function, the motion mode of the new watch is different from the existing GT series, and the Watch series will adjust high-end and intelligence.

Huawei Watch3's battery life may be lower than GT, but it is still competitive.

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