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Apple Apple released iPhone 13 in September this year: Liu Hai

Yh 2021-04-08 14:22:09

The influence of the new crown epidemic is still there, and when the apple will release new this yeariPhone?

According to foreign news, Apple's long-term supply of commercial station will start a large-scale shipping Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 A15 chip in advance. The new chip will be based on a 5nm enhancement process, which is first debuted in A14 Bionic and 2020 iPad Air and iPhone 12 Series.

Due to the impact of the global health crisis on suppliers, Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in October, not normal September. At present, the impact of the supply chain has been relieved. Apple analysts believe that Apple is expected to return iPhone 13 in September 2021, because Typical electricity is now considered to start a large-scale shipping new chip in advance, it seems to be true .

Increasing the performance and power efficiency of A15 will be one of the various rumors of the iPhone in the 2021 iPhone.

The current information shows that Apple will make some changes to the upcoming iPhone, one of which is to move the handset to the top border, thereby achieving smaller bangs.

Internally, Apple is expected to add at least to some iPhone 13 models to PROMotion 120Hz and region always bright screen features. Other features include new matte black options in rumors, improved fingerprint performance in stainless steel edges, and possible screen fingerprint sensors.

消息称苹果今年9月发布iPhone 13:刘海变小、整机更有质感!

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