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Jin Li quietly released 899 yuan new machine: the eight-sided camera is bright

Yh 2021-04-08 14:30:28

Although Jin Li has been faded outMobile phoneCircle, but it is still alive, but also continuously introducing new mobile phones. Today, Jinli M3 new machine is officially released, and it is currently open in Suning, will be officially sold on April 13.

Golden M3 configured a 6.53-inch water dripping screen, resolution 1600x720, with a screen ratio of 19: 9, with a screen for up to 90%. The back is made of AG process material, providing bright black, ink green, silver drill, sky, and the four colors of the sky have radiographic design. At different light angles, the fuselage will also present a very meticulous visual effect.


In terms of configuration, the machine is equipped with the P60 of the United Kingdom, which uses a 12nm process process, eight cores, and the highest frequency 2.0GHz.Ann rabbitRun about 160,000.

Golden M3 is 8 million single photos, the rear three-photography system:16 million pixelsMain photo +5 million pixels +2 million pixels depicing. It built a 5000mAh large battery, supports 18W fast charging. It also has a solder spot for side fingerprint unlocking, 3.5mm headphone interface, Type-C charging, and a protective case and tempered film.

It is worth mentioning that Jin Li M3 supportWeChat, Shake 8 open, plus a split screen multiple tasks, easy to online online. In terms of selling price, Jinli M3 6GB + 128GB price is 899 yuan, 8GB + 128GB price is 959 yuan, 8GB + 256GB price is 1059 yuan.


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