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If you only take pictures with your mobile phone, can you learn photography well?

LS 2022-05-09 18:14:36

With the improvement of smartphone images, the ability of smartphones to take pictures has become stronger, especially in recent years. With the configuration of mobile phones with multiple cameras, the mobile phone has been continuously improved, and ultra -wide -angle lenses have been added. Portrait lens, telephoto lens,A shooting experience from ultra -wide -angle to telephoto, coupled with mobile phone calculation of photography capabilities and algorithm iteration upgrades, mobile phones have become the most commonly used photography equipment when people travel daily. So the problem came. "Learn photography, can you use your mobile phone?"

The above question is believed to be a question that many people have already arisen in their hearts. After all, compared to mobile phones, the traditional camera is large and complicated. Different scenes are matched with different lenses. In addition, you need to place a separate camera bag to place the lens and fuselage, which increases.The burden of travel.If you want to clarify "studying photography, can you only use your mobile phone?" First of all, it is necessary to clarify how the mobile phone camera and traditional cameras are different.

1. Improve quality
The picture quality is undoubtedly the most concerned issue.Today's smartphones can be described as rapid progress in image capabilities. At the same time, they also jointly co -branded with many traditional camera brands, such as Leica, Zeiss, etc., and some mobile phones have used "large size" sensors such as 1 inch, 1/1.3 inches, and equipped with equipped with each other, and are equipped with equipped 50 million or even 100 million pixels,Coupled with the continuous iteration and upgrade of mobile phone image algorithms, it does have greatly improved the picture quality of the mobile phone, so many photos taken by mobile phones now look good from the mobile phone screen.

                      Camera picture quality details (left) compared with mobile phone picture quality details (right)

Although we are used to checking the overall effect of taking photos on the mobile phone screen, we rarely enlarge the photos to view details. The essence of mobile phones and camera imaging is the same, but because the mobile phone is limited to the design of volume and internal space, even if the above "outsole" sensor is adoptedIn fact, compared with the sensor used by the camera, the area is still much smaller. Therefore, if the photos taken by the mobile phone and the camera are put on the computer to check the details, the picture quality gap between the two is highly judged.

                                 Comparison of size comparison of various cameras sensor

In fact, even if the camera with APS-C frame now, the size of the sensor must be much larger than the size area of ​​the mobile phone sensor. Although the mobile phone has the blessing of the algorithm advantage, it can get a good color performance, but the sensor area is still limited to limited limits The picture quality of the mobile phone is further mentionedLift.

2. Screen level and expressiveness

For the level and expressiveness of the screen, tradition can not only take photos with different perspective wideness through the full -frame sensor and lens with different focal lengths, but also use large aperture lenses to create a very good blurring effect and a sense of photo atmosphere, or use slowness to use slowly. Gate long exposureWait, make all the scenes in the photo more layered, highlight the subject of the shooting, and the photo is more visually impactful.

                     Camera large aperture lens shooting background blur effect

In terms of image performance, mobile phones have been aligned with the camera. For example, the portrait mode of the background blur effect through multi -lens algorithm, through the built -in shooting mode to achieve long exposure effect, provide better night scene shooting effects through the night view mode, and so on. Although mobile phones now have more lenses, the functions are more close to daily shooting. Compared with the rich lens groups with traditional cameras and more professional shooting themes, there are still gaps.

3. Portability

The portability of mobile phones has a natural advantage. In this regard, even if the smallest portable camera is now, the advantage of portable mobile phones is not enough. In addition, taking the camera to go out, you need to consider matching different lenses, batteries and other attachment products.The photography bags of some devices are naturally worse.

The above, we briefly explain the differences between mobile phones and camera imaging. So, when you return to this article: Study photography, can you only use your mobile phone?

The first choice, systematic learning photography is a gradual process. Equipment is a must -have tool for photography. The focus is on the photographer's own awareness of photography. The basis of photography is the art of light and shadow. It needs to express the picture through the scene composition. At this point, whether it is usedThe mobile phone is shooting, or the camera to shoot, all of which are the basis of photography.

Secondly, for traditional cameras, if the photos are taken to achieve satisfactory results, they need to use Lightroom, Photoshop and other software to process them later. For users who learn photography, in addition to shooting techniques necessaryHonesty is also a gradual process. The mobile phone is simple to take pictures, plus the internal algorithm, the photos that can be output can be used directly. In addition, mobile phones have rich APP resources, such as Snapseed, Lightroom Mobile, etc., in image processing and and.The professional aspect is similar to the desktop software. You can also gradually master some techniques and methods of the post -processing processing of photos to use these software to lay the foundation.

                                Lightroom Mobile interface

Finally, for mobile phone photos learning photography, using mobile phones to take pictures can understand the rules of the configuration and learn to use some photos in the later stage. However, mobile phone photography control is simpler and more intelligent, so if you want to learn photography systematically, understand exposure and other knowledge, you must finally return to the control of traditional photography equipment. Only by learning camera control can you make you more ease in the photography.

By learning the control of traditional photography equipment in daily shooting, such as exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, etc., it is also helpful for mobile phones to take pictures. After all, photography is a general art. the process of.

In short, using mobile phones can learn composition, shooting angle, light and other photography skills, but after learning a certain stage, traditional photography equipment can improve your deeper understanding of light and shadow, framing, and different lens focal lengths. After all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all, after all Photography is a gradual process.