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If you accidentally privacy, you will be gone. Four tips to keep you away from rogue apps

LS 2022-05-10 16:15:58

In April, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology removed 104 bad apps, including some of the popular app applications that we were familiar with. This is not the first time that the country has made a bad app. And this repeatedly banned bad app also reflects that for users, the Internet brings us convenience and crisis.

The importance of mobile phones for modern people does not have to be much. Food, clothing, food, housing, and transportation are almost inseparable from mobile phones, and for most people, mobile phones are a very privacy. Not only does it store a lot of account password information, but also various users involving privacy involving privacy Information, photos, etc. are also stored in the mobile phone, so the safety of mobile phones is a heart disease of everyone.

There are endless ways to infringe on user rights

Contemporary people cannot do without mobile phones, and they are inseparable from the APP. Why do those apps that provides us with convenience have become bad apps? To put it simply, just like your door lock is broken, you invite a bad unlocking master to help you lock at your door. After the unlocking master helps you solve the door lock problem, he secretly left a backup key. When he is at home, he can use the spare key to enter your house to secretly take your things. The same is true for APP. While providing you with convenience, bad apps may secretly collect some of your information.

Therefore, for users, choosing an app is like choosing a unlocking master. You must choose a reliable and secure one to protect your personal privacy to the greatest extent.

First: Download the app must go to the official application mall

First of all, you can tell you very regretful that no matter what operating system your mobile phone is today, you cannot 100%in any official software application mall to ensure that the app you downloaded does not have bad behavior. But if you go to the official application mall to download the app to download the app, you can minimize the risk of your download to a bad app through official screening and virus scanning.

In addition, when you download the app, you can see the software comments. If there are some bad reviews in the comments, it is recommended that you download it carefully.

Second: Set mobile phone permissions and software permissions

The app wants to collect user information. At present, users need to agree, but when many people see the permissions obtaining the pop -up window, most of them will be the same as watching the insurance treaty. Before they understand it, they directly click the consent. In this way, the app can collect your information unscrupulous.

Common authority is SMS, communication records, positioning, albums, cameras, etc. users should carefully check whether the authority and functions of the analysis software call in the process of installing software matching. If not matching, it is likely that there is a problem with a problem app.

In addition, even if the APP permissions were mistakenly touched at that time, users could find the relevant app to close the authority in the setting option of the mobile phone system. If the APP cannot work because of the closure of authority, it is recommended that users can open it during use and turn off when not in use.

Third: click the downloaded app from strange links and advertisements, it is best not to install

Loading APP installation in the advertisement is actually a very high -profit business, and some problem APPs will also obtain users in this way.

Load the download link in the advertisement

Therefore, if the user finds this advertisement during the process of browsing the information, especially when the advertisement with a very strong induction, don't click to download, let alone install it. This app is probably an unsatisfactory app.

Fourth: Check the mobile phone regularly with anti -virus software

Most of the domestic Android machines are currently equipped with antivirus software in the machine. Antivirus software is not necessarily 100%reliable, but it is also a very good way to use anti -virus software to check its own mobile phone.