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How does the company in the era of "data king" protect important data?

LS 2022-05-10 17:48:07

IDC predicts that in the next five years, China's data backup and restoration market will grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.0%, reaching US $ 1.04 billion in 2025. In today's IT environment, data backups of enterprise organizations are likely to encounter "attacks". In addition to initial data, cyber criminals also look at the data backup copy. In September 2021, a number of network security publishers issued a report saying that backup data sets have also become the target of ransomware group attacks. The reason why these network groups start from data backup solutions is to make the victims have no choice but to pay ransom.

A recent study of Coveware highlights the importance of data backup copy. "The average duration of ransomware cases in the fourth quarter of 2021 was 20 days, a decrease of 9%compared to the third quarter of 2021. This is because the number of companies that can be recovered with data backup increased." In a copy, corporate institutions can save valuable time in restoring workloads, avoid payment of ransom, and reduce the cost loss caused by ransomware to enterprises.

Use the needs of unchanged storage

"Unchanged" refers to "unchanged or unchanged." When this concept is applied to the backup data, any data backup set according to corporate institutional policies will become recovered data because the data itself is not modified. Uncomvisible can protect the interior and outside of the data backup solution at the same time.

Because each environment has a unique infrastructure, it is difficult to ensure that backup data is not affected by random and unauthorized changes. To this end, the Commult adopted a non -special method to achieve unknown. With Commult, corporate institutions no longer need to use special hardware or cloud storage accounts to lock backup data to prevent data from being threatened by ransomware. However, if the enterprise institution just has "one writing and more read", the hardware that supports or supports snapshot (Commission fully supports this type of hardware), you can use the built -in lock function of the Commult to supplement and strengthen existing security control measures Essence Compared with competitors' products, the leading of the CommVault's uncharacteristic solution is that it can achieve layered security control in different types of infrastructure.

Quick deployment of unchanged Commission data backup copy

In the COMMVAULT data protection environment of enterprise institutions, enterprises can set the protection of ransomware for the local and mounting disk libraries on the Microsoft Windows MediaAgent, Linux MediaAgent, and Commission Hyperscale. This protection allows only a specific whitelist COMMVAULT process to modify the backup data on the MediaAgent. Missing data protection can significantly reduce the risk of ransomware attack backup data.

1. Enter Manage into the Community in the Commission CENTER ™ navigation pane.
2. Select Infrastructions (infrastructure), and the infrastructure page appears.
3. Click the MEDIAGENTS sticker to appear the MediaAgents page.
4. Click MediaAgent.
5. In the Control section, switch the Ransomware Protection to the right side to the right; successfully enable the ransomware protection function of non -changing dives backup copy.

Recently, the recent ransomware attack has deliberately destroyed data backup copy and recovery capabilities. However, through the data protection of COMMVAULT, corporate institutions can easily create unsusable duprum backup copies to resist the ransomware and quickly recover from the extortion software attack.