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How to do when your iphone 6 fall into the water ? Here comes the treatment for you!

http://www.szbesttool.com/ 2015-01-22 18:40:23
Apple 6 out of the water treatment method out how to do iPhone6
The phone out of the water is a very common phenomenon, estimated that many local faithful will experience this situation, but the machine friends know how Apple's six out of the water to do it? How to deal with is the right approach? Know the phone in order to avoid causing further injuries? Well, with these questions, now I take a look at iPhone6 ​​out water treatment methods:

1, quickly picked up the phone
In such cases, do not panic, to quickly put iPhone6 ​​fished from the water, there are a lot of friends have done before iPhone waterproof test, the test results show that, iPhone6 ​​within ten seconds after the fish out of water to the normal use of the no problem, so this time machine faithful must not panic, to quickly picked up

2, shutdown
To finish it off quickly after the operation:
  • Press the power button [], as shown:


Note:Absolutely not boot   If at this time the boot, then, will form the eddy currents, causing a short circuit, it will lead to burn out the motherboard, so remember not boot

3, the handle casing removed

Estimated machine faithful iPhone6 ​​are set, such as a cell phone shell protective shell of it, so after taking off must take the phone off the shell, which is to prevent the phone shell of water infiltration into the iPhone6 ​​inside and damage the motherboard, as shown in show:


4, wipe the exterior of the iPhone6

After the cabinet handles down, this time with a dry towel or other tissue water dry on the exterior iPhone6


5. Remove the SIM card
    After completing the above steps, the rapid useApple through the needleRemove the SIM card put it in dry and ventilated place.

6, sucking water iPhone6 ​​fuselage hole gap

After completion of the operation, remember to water holes at iPhone6 ​​gap at the exterior of dry, as shown:


7, the overall dry
After completion of the operation, the phone put the bag full of rice, try emptying the air, then seal, as shown: Then you can put the whole thing on the next package with the use of computers, like a slight fever, or other slightly fever place,

Note: Do not put heat environment, nor can blow hot hair dryer to do so will damage the internal components

8, patiently waiting for 36 hours
This time it is best not to open the bag frequently to view the phone did not, or try to boot, it is best to wait 36 ​​hours to wait at least 24 hours will be better, generally normal use