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Big Chill come, your car could not beat the fire?

  • Source:http://www.szbesttool.com/
  • Release on :2015-01-21

Yesterday, China has entered the Big Chill season, means entering the year coldest integrity. Many owners began to worry, because they beat the fire situation encountered in the morning or difficult start her in. The same car, beat the fire only in the morning, at noon you can easily spark, no unusual circumstances, such as whether caused you feel that way? 

The reason isBattery problem,
One winter, the temperature decreased the most direct impact is the battery of the vehicle. Power consumption will increase with decreasing temperature when the car starts, the battery capacity will be reduced because of the low temperature environment. The solution is a timely charge or replace the battery. To prevent malfunction of the vehicle battery is not good start. BESTCar boot PowerEasy for your grief.