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iPhone new patents, Home key can pop-up

2015-01-24 18:39:26
 Apple has filed a new patent: one hidden in the iPhone Home button inside the small joystick. This is an interesting patent,
It looks and ordinary like iPhone Home button. However, when you use a sufficient force to push it, after its sensing device is triggered,
Will lead the Home key to pop up and become a small analog joystick.
This joystick can be the X-axis, Y-axis or Z-axis is the input data. In other words, this is an all-round control and click
This may change in the form of iPhone games.
In the patent, Apple said that the joystick is not suitable for certain games. For example, there are some games, pop-Home key tactile feedback
May be seriously inadequate.
Now iPhone Home button already has a fingerprint test this feature, coupled with the joystick function, it will not be overwhelmed?
Of course, this is just a joystick patent.
    Like with Apple,BESTHas been the introduction of new products, technically continue to improve the performance of products are constantly improved.
For example, the new1502DDOn workmanship and materials have greatly improved the performance of the product has entered a new stage.