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What is the USB network card and a PCIe network card difference?

Yh 2021-10-26 10:55:03

At present, most of the computers have supported WiFi because many machines and notebooks use the motherboard of the own network card. But when the machine, sometimes the motherboard without WiFi is chosen because of the cheap price. If you want to use WiFi, you will need to purchase the NIC separately. NIC is generally divided into a USB network card and PCIe network card. These two network cards can provide WiFi services, then what is their difference?

First of all, it is naturally the difference between the agreement, the USB network card takes the USB protocol, usually using the USB Type A interface type. Suitable for most computers.

PCIe NIC can only be used on the motherboard PCIe X1 slot. Only for desktop hosts.

In terms of installation, it is naturally a USB network card, and the drift version is plug and play. The PCIe network card needs to open the chassis installation because it needs to be inserted on the motherboard. So if the PCIe network card generally recommends that it is well in the installed, it saves the follow-up to repeat labor.

Although it is convenient to install, in performance, the USB network card rate is generally less than the PCIe network card, and the stability is also a PCIe network card even better. However, the USB network card will generally be cheaper, but some special Linux systems do not havedriveSupport is required, it may not be available.

In general, the USB network card and the PCIe network card are obvious. Easy to use the USB network card, you want to get a better experience. For example, you often need to use WiFi to play games, so old and old to choose the PCIe network card, save often delayed Combine the situation and other conditions.