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Huawei's new 5G SOC is here: 5G capabilities stand out

DH 2020-03-27 13:44:02

Huawei's new 2020 Kirin 820 5G SOC is about to debut, and the Honor 30S will debut.

On March 21, the Honor Old Bear Science Update was updated again, bringing a multi-dimensional 5G capability assessment dimension, and also confirmed the first pioneering work of the Honor 30 series-Honor 30S.

It will be equipped with the Kirin 820 chip for the first time, and will be explained in detail from four aspects: 5G anti-interference ability, 5G energy efficiency, 5G search capability, and 5G dual card experience.

The Honor Lao Bear mentioned in Weibo that the Honor 30S equipped with Kirin 820 chip can definitely be said to be the leader in 5G strength.

Honor and Huawei share 5G technology and have the world's leading self-research capabilities. The excellent 5G experience is not only reflected in the absolute speed of download and upload. The 5G capabilities of high-end chips need to have a more comprehensive test.

It can be seen that this is a kind of self-confidence in technology accumulation, and also an affirmation of the 5G capabilities of the Kirin 820 chip.

From the perspective of users, the uplink and downlink speeds of 5G are the most intuitive performance in use, but the comprehensive strength hidden behind it is a personal experience of long-term use. In the face of complex use scenarios, the signals between 5G networks Searching and switching are undoubtedly the key to deciding to move faster, and other signal interference from the communication environment will cause the 5G experience to be unsmooth.

Of course, the built-in AI intelligent control algorithm can effectively guarantee the mobile phone's data transmission efficiency and battery life. If the call and 5G entertainment can be carried out simultaneously, the dual-card experience in time is undoubtedly a pain point that users need to solve urgently.

Fortunately, we can see the 5G capability of the Kirin 820 chip through the science popularization of the old bear. Based on solving the user's pain points and difficulties, improving the user experience, it is proud of the comprehensive capabilities of the existing 5G chips.

With the blessing of the Kirin 820 chip with such a strong overall strength, the glory 30S born by "Core" will undoubtedly occupy a dominant position in the technologically innovative 5G mobile phone market.

More new product highlights, look forward to the March 30 press conference to announce for us.