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1 minute tells you how to choose the Bluetooth headset

Yh 2021-11-30 14:15:09

People start sports exercise for health, and sports can help us recover bad emotions. Many companies have launched products related to sports, such as millet bracelets, Apple Watch, etc., have become a must-have equipment for people. In sports, you must wear a headset to listen to music. To this end, the manufacturers have specially launched the headphones of the motion type. It is convenient for people to use when running, swimming and riding. What is the most important thing for a qualified sports headset? What is the difference between comparison with ordinary true wireless headphones?


Headphone fitness


First, the sports headphones need to be fixed on the ear while maintaining strenuous exercise, and cannot be easily dropped easily. Sports earphones have higher stability than ordinary half-in-ear headphones. Therefore, the general sports earphones will be used in accordance with the design principles of ergonomics, and there is generally used hanging or in-ear. This is no matter how running or skipping, etc., it can be used with confidence. Don't worry about the ear's opportunity to fall from the ear.

Transparent mode


Transparent mode is also important for motion headphones. The fitness environment is usually accompanied by a lot of environmental noise, although the noise reduction function can block the environmental noise, but there are also certain hazards, especially those who move outdoors. The noise reduction headset with transparent mode is very suitable for use in exercise, which guarantees the immersion of music, and can always know the surrounding environment.

The bone passage headset comes with the transparent mode, so the bone pass-through earphone has a congenital advantage from a safety point of view, and it is also suitable for use as a sports earphone.

Bluetooth connection

When moving outdoors, the headphones are easily interfered by various signal radiation waves, thereby interrupting the connection of the headset and the phone. When moving outdoors, the high version of Bluetooth can improve the transmission stability of the headset, and it can also bring lower delay performance. This will not move the rhythm of your own movement when you move.

IP waterproof level


Whether running outdoors, or riding, it will inevitably encounter a sudden weather. As a sporty headset, waterproof is the most critical element. Usually, it will be seen that the headset plant has the words "IPXX". Where IP is an abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which is mostly an inlet protection level. In the back XX, the left X is the dust level, which is divided into 6 levels. The right of the right is the waterproof level, divided into level 8, the higher the two indicators, the better. Vendors generally describe the dust-proof waterproofing power of the product in detail behind the level. This does not have to consider the safety performance of the headphones when used.


in conclusion

Everyone should consider the four aspects of the fitness, transparent mode, Bluetooth connection, and waterproof performance, and the four aspects of the headphones, the best of these four functions. The bone passage headset and the neck headphones are convenient during exercise. The true wireless headset should consider the problem of the charging box. In addition to the need to bring the charging cassette in the body, most of the headphones are not waterproof, it needs more attention when using .

Finally, I hope that everyone can take some time for some time to exercise, have a good help to physical and mental health, and wear the headphones to open the music app start sports.