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I am incarnation "Light-fired" in the winter, 3 to teach you to break the static electrici

Yh 2022-03-05 17:03:23

Many people will change the "lightning" and "Pichu", which can be discharged, especially the metal objects and plastic films, and it has not been discharged.

A small partner with Mac should feel the deepest, leave the work to go to the toilet, and there is a stabbed sense of the electric shock, you know that it is static.

Why will there be so many static electricity in winter? Why is static electricity feel stinging? Can the various methods of the network can eliminate static electricity? There is a very common phenomenon in this life, in fact, there is a lot of explanation you unexpected.

01 Why will there be static electricity in winter?

I rarely I heard that the summer is electrostatically electricity. It is mainly because the winter people wear have more clothes, and the chemical fiber ingredients and sweater in the jacket are very easy to generate static electricity. Don't believe that you shut down the tabs and sweaters before going to bed at night, you will find that you are squatting on your body.

In addition, the air is dry in winter, the air conductivity is not high, causing charges to be accumulated on you.

People who are walking with footed road generally will not be called. Because the rubber of the shoes is insulated, the charge is nowhere to escape, and can only escape when you touch the electrical objects every time you touch the object.

The reason why it is electrically to it is very painful because the voltage of the static charge is very large. When you take off the set rubbed, the electrostatic voltage can reach more than 10,000 volts, while static electricity on the plastic film is more than 1 million volts, you can not be terrible.

Such a powerful voltage, when your skin is close to the conductor, you can instantly break the air in your skin, discharge through ionization air, this moment your skin has a huge amount of charge flow, so Generate a sense of tingling.

02 These network biography methods are unreliable

Many of the online articles will teach you how to eliminate static electricity, such as using your hand, wash your face, and even spray it on your body.

The hand touch the wall effect is very unsatisfactory, because common indoor construction walls are brushing latex paints, conductivity is very poor.

Wash your hands and don't eliminate static electricity. The way to spray water in the body is more free, not afraid of catching a cold.

03 Three small coups, teach you how to eliminate static electricity

Musk 1: Take Xiaobo

Most people will carry a key with you, just need to hold the key, take the way as much as possible, use the key to touch the metal conductor, such as your house, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows,refrigeratorHousing, etc. The tip of the key will help you release the charge a little bit.

Some people will ask, why will I be called by the key? That is because the key has been carrying with you, it is 0 potential difference and you will discharge it.

Of course, this coup can also be unlimited, take a small conductive object, touches the big conductive object, with Xiaobo, to derive the charge on your body.

Musk 2: Light, walk or change double shoes

This trick is suitable for classmates with floor heating at home. Generally, the foot walk is not afraid of static electricity, and the charge is released through the floor.

Of course, it can also be changed to shoes, such as leather shoes. Or bottom with metal shoes.

Musk 3: Increase air humidity and skin humidity

If it is a northern city, it is recommended to add a humidifier at home, and must choose to evaporate, large evaporation. Because of the increase in air humidity, the air is covered with small droplets, the air conductivity will be higher, the charge is not easy to accumulate on the body.

In addition, winter skin is dry, dry skin is more likely to produce static electricity, just like a plastic film. So winter moisturizing is still very important.

Write in the last:Most people are only occasionally electrostatic to, and there is no need to do. But if you are often electrostatically electricity from all year round, it may be necessary to consider going to the hospital to see if the body "hypoxia" is.