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New battery technology? What is the mystery of the millet silicone negative electrode battery

Yh 2021-04-08 15:12:28

inXiaomi 11 Pro/Xiaomi 11 UltraThe warm-up period, Xiaomi officially releases promotional materials "these twoMobile phoneWill use a new silicone negative battery. "For a time, the netizens of the netizens, foggy: Now eat melon? Knowledge reserves can't keep up with Xiaomi to bright the speed of technology trees. In this issue, we will come for everyone. How is the "silicone negative battery" used in Xiaomi flagship models in a comprehensive analysis.

01 Silicone negative electrode battery cannot be considered a new technology

First, the silicone negative electrode battery cannot be considered a new technology. This technology has been applied in electric vehicle power, as in the previous time, the technological innovation is released, including silicon carbon negative electrode technology.

电池技术新突破?小米硅氧负极电池有何玄机? Among the solid-state battery technology innovation released, it contains silicon oxygen negative electrode technology.

There are three ways to improve the battery capacity, respectivelyReplace the positive material that enhances energy storage density,Adopt newBattery diaphragm technologywithReplace the negative material that enhances energy storage density. At present, the positive material innovation of the rechargeable battery is mainly graphene positive material. The action of this material is to increase the battery charging speed and cannot effectively improve energy density; the transformation of battery diaphragm technology is mainly to make the battery separator get more thinner, but, Thin battery diaphragms are easily dangerous. Therefore, replacing the new negative electrode material is the maximum route to improve the battery capacity.


The silicone carbon negative electrode material can effectively improve the battery energy storage density. This is mainly because the traditional battery negative electrode material is a carbon material, and the carbon material is characterized by a battery negative electrode. The expansion coefficient is small (about 10%), and the energy density is too low (theoretical gram capacity 372mAh / g), although it is an ideal battery negative material, but The battery energy density is low in the same volume; the theoretical gram of silicon material is about 4200 mAh / g, but the expansion coefficient is high (about 300%); the amount of silicon oxide reaches 2615 mAh / g, and the expansion coefficient is about 160%. Speaking of a man,Silicone negative electrode material acquires the balance of battery energy density and expansion coefficient.

With silicone negative batteries, it is obvious to smartphones, which means that the battery under the same volume will have a larger battery capacity, or to control battery capacity to thin the phone. Design.Millet 11 Pro / millet 11 Ultra Select the former, to achieve the battery 5000 mA to ensure battery life.

Therefore, the silicone negative electrode battery is not a new technique. However, the silicone negative material material is large, and it is not an easy task.

02 Silicone negative battery quantity is difficult

The previous part we compared carbon, silicon and silicon oxide as the theoretical gram of the battery negative electrode material and the expansion coefficient, which can be found that the expansion coefficient of the carbon material is minimized, and the silicon negative electrode material battery is high, and the energy density is high. This type of battery is easy to charge the drum. The above three battery negative materials are safely ranked, carbon materials> silicon materials> silicon oxide materials. We summarize the problem of silicone negative electrode batteries: The most important problem is easy to expand during the charging process; second is short battery life, and the energy density is faster.


The technical difficulty of silicone negative electrode batteries is mainly to control the expansion of the negative electrode material. This needs to make breakthroughs in wrapped materials, processing technology, adhesives, etc., which will affect the final cost of the entire battery. In addition, in order to make the battery charging more secure, Xiaomi did not select 120W fast charge when configuring the fast charge, select 67W fast charge to ensure the safety of charging.

to sum up

Finally, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the silicone negative electrode battery. Advantages: The unit gram has large capacity, which can make the mobile phone with larger battery capacity in the same battery volume; disadvantage: The negative electrode material expansion coefficient is large, and the charging safety needs to be controlled.

Applying silicone negative batteries such as electric vehicle technology on smartphones, can see that millet is still thinking about it, it is necessary to note that electric car batteries and mobile phone batteries are two kinds of technologies, so they can't be decentralized . Although the silicone negative electrode battery is not new technology, it has indeed enhanced the use of smartphone batteries. Although the current battery technology is difficult to have a big breakthrough, we still expect the revolution of battery technology to come as early as possible.