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Continuation of the generation of friendship concept

Mandy People's network 2021-07-29 13:50:29

Recently, President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with Russian President Putin, and the head of the two countries announced the joint statement, officially decided to "Treaty" China-Russian Good Neighborhood Cooperation Treaty (referred to as the Treaty ") extension. Domestic experts interviewed by this reporter said that the Treaty has a strong vitality and still has historical and realistic value under the current international situation. The "Treaty" extension significance will continue to promote the high-level development of the new era of comprehensive strategic collaboration in the new era, and maintain global peace and stability.

Help the new era of China Russia relations

In 2001, China and Russia signed the Treaty on the basis of the development experience and achievements of the two countries. In order to enter the long-term healthy and stable development of China and Russian relations into the new century, it has laid a solid legal basis for the long-term health and stability development, and has carried out friendly cooperation in all fields. The basic principles have established an important milestone in the history of China and Russia. In the past 20 years, the two sides have always been guided by the "Treaty" purpose, constantly consolidate the good-neighborly friendship between the two countries, deepen the strategic cooperation, expand mutual benefit cooperation in all areas, and promote steady development of bilateral relations.

Li Yongquan, Dean of the University of China Academy of Social Sciences University, pointed out that the Treaty is a crystallization of the development history and wisdom of bilateral relations. China and Russian neighborly friendly cooperation has brought a good development environment to the two countries. After the "Treaty" extension, the two sides will advance cooperation at a higher starting point, a wider range, and deeper, and write a new chapter in the new era of China and Russia.

The heads of foreign diplomacy plays a core leading to promote bilateral strategies; the prime ministers of the two countries meet regularly, and each deputy general intergovernmental cooperation committee and various local cooperation mechanisms have been continuously improved ... In the past 20 years, China and Russian relations have taken consideration. In particular, since the relationship between the two countries in June 2019, it has led the personality and strategic leaders in the Sino-Russian New Times, and the Sino-Russian relationship has always maintained a strong development momentum.

Li Zizhi, director of China International Problem Research Institute, believes that the "Treaty" released clear and active signals to the world. From the bilateral level, it continues to consolidate and strengthen the friendly peace concept of the two countries in the law, and lay a solid legal basis for the long-term development of China and Russia. In the future, China and Russia will continue to move along the established correct direction, the head is not biased, the power is not reduced, and the coagulation is aggregated.

Sun Zunzhi, director of the Russian Institute of Eastern China, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia has a strong development of toughness and continuous cooperative motivation, with new features such as comprehensive, firm, tough, mature. The "Treaty" extension not only promoters the continuous deepening of cooperation between the two countries, but also expanded the space field of cooperation between the two countries.

Established an example of today's big country relations

In the past 20 years, China and Russia's pragmatic cooperation has improved fruitful, quality and physical volume. The relationship between the two countries continued to be healthy and stable, and has become the most stable political relationship, the most effective, pragmatic cooperation is the most effective, and international collaboration is the most closely comprehensively strategic cooperative partnership. Practice shows that the purposes and principles established by the Treaty meet the fundamental interests of China and Russia, the theme of the times of peace and development, and provide inexhaustible motivation for the high level of development in the new era.

Sun Zhizhi pointed out that China and Russia relations have a highlighted feature, which is the leading role of heads of diplomacy. The first two countries use the joint statement to cooperate new objectives, new tasks, and inject new era connotations for the Treaty.

Li Zicang said that in 20 years, China and Russia have promoted the friendly philosophy and the principle of new international relations, and the close comprehensive strategic collaboration has established a model of today's national relations. The two countries have written in the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on the signing: "Russia needs a prosperous China, China needs strong successful Russia." This is different, and the zero and games are different, China and Russia are happy to see the other party With prosperity. The Treaty is delayed to the world that Sino-Russian relations have experienced the international wind and change test, which has made positive contributions to building a new national relationship, maintaining regional and world peace and stability.

Currently, the century-old change and the century epidemic, the world enters the turmoil period. In the view of Sun Zunzhi, as an important force with the global impact, Sino-Russia will deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the new era, in order to defend international fairness and justice, safeguard the world's peace and stability, and promote the joint development of the co-development prosperity.

Inject more positive energy to solve international problems

The "Treaty" established a generation of friendly concepts in accordance with the fundamental interests of the two countries, the theme of the times of peace and development, and is the vivid practice of building new international relations and human fate communities. Today's China and Russia have matured, stable, sturdy, can afford any international style. In the world entered the turmoil, human development encounters multiple crisis contexts, China and Russia have close cooperation to inject positive energy into the international community.

Li Yongquan pointed out that the Treaty is a mutual trust guarantee for maintaining the region, which is a commitment to maintaining world peaceful responsibilities. The high-level political mutual trust and high quality of China and Russia is an important foundation for regional stability. At the same time, the level of pragmatic cooperation in China and region, especially with Central Asian countries is also steadily improved.

The joint statement on the 20th anniversary of the "Treaty" signing again shows that China and Russia will strengthen cooperation on the international stage. Li Zizhi emphasized that China and Russia united, the scope of common voice is getting wider, and practical measures in major multilateral platforms are coordinated on global hotspot issues. As an important force for maintaining the world's stability and strategic balance, China and Russia has promoted the establishment of more justice, democratic, and stable multi-poorer, the meaning of strategic collaboration is more prominent.

Cui Wei, deputy director of the Transitional National Economic and Political Research Center of Liaoning University, said that in the context of global political complex and variable, China and Russia did not be affected by external interference, firmly deepen collaboration, to solve more positive energy into international issues. Sino-Russian cooperation is not only conducive to the maintenance of its own interests and regional stability, but also to promote the construction of new international relations, and build a model of human fate community.

In the joint statement of the 20th anniversary of the "Treaty" signed, both parties agree to promote peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom of all human common value. Zhao Jianying, a president of the Chinese Social Science Press, said that the common value of all human beings is in line with the common pursuit of the people of the world, and the trend of the era of human development is also formed, and the value foundation of the construction of human fate community has also formed. Sino-Russian countries practice the concept of human fate community with practical actions, coordinate their position in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRIC, 20 Court Group, etc., and work together to help jointly address the challenges facing humanity.

"People's Daily" (July 29, 2021)