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[China's things] African diplomat in China: The Chinese people are the final judgment, some coun

Mandy China Daily Network 2021-07-27 11:50:22

China Daily On July 26 (Reporter Pan Yiguo Superfeng Liu Shidong) On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, "China's things" column interviewed two African countries in China, the Chinese Communist Party in their eyes what does it look like? Which changes in China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China? The answer is in this period.

China's poverty alleviation experience benefits African countries

Zimbabwe in China Martin Cut East said that China's poverty reduction work provides valuable experience to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe should learn from China, use good human resources advantages, increase investment in agriculture and education, and achieve governance goals . He said that when most developing countries are discussing how to get poverty, everyone will learn from China's experience.

Togo Embassy in China Business and Cultural Counselor Greche • Mei Mei's impression impression that the local farmers will be impressed with the help of the local farmers in Yunnan. In the interview, he told the reporter to the history of Yunnan planting coffee. Although China is not a coffee country country, it is supported by the Communist Party of China and the local government, Yunnan relies on coffee out of a unique way to get out of poverty, and admire.

China's poverty alleviation is not only exciting, but also in the eyes of African diplomats, we also see a confidence, that is, poverty can beat. They believe that all difficulties can be solved with strong government leadership.

Work together with anti-vloys cultivation in traditional friendship

The Ambassador Zimbabwe in China Martin Chestern in the interview, thanked China to provide anti-vloys and vaccines to Zimbabwe. He said that these helping to resist the epidemic of Zimbabwe, and realize economic recovery and play an irreplaceable role. Martin • Cut East has been said before, benefited from China to provide assistance to Jinfang and export vaccine, and the vaccination work of Zimbabwe is very smooth, the country's vaccination rate is ranked third in the Southern African Development Community, in all Africa The eighth country in the country.

On April 30, nearly 500 local time, nearly 500 Chinese citizens were specified in the Togo Ministry of Health on the 29th to complete the first agent of China Coachengnown vaccine. This marks the "spring seedlings" of the Chinese citizen vaccinated new crown vaccine in Togo officially launched.

Togo's embassy business and cultural couch Greche Meuma said in an interview that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government and many Chinese companies have provided a variety of help for Togo and Togo Station. Very touched, sincere gratitude. Greach • Togo will strengthen cooperation with the Chinese government. Thanks to the Chinese government to support Togo to implement new development road maps (2020-2025), I believe that under the joint efforts of both parties, "Chinese Dream" and "Togo" Dream will be realized.

The Chinese people are final judgment, and some countries in the West are not qualified to say three four four in China.

Zimbabwe in China Martin Cut East has expired the Western part of the Western forces to be used as a national, involved in China's internal administration, and in vicating that the essence of China's development has also expressed the firm stand that African countries always support China. He said that in terms of China's major and core interests, Zimbabwe has always stood the forefront of China.

He also reminds the Chinese people, don't be confused by these smoke bombs, always keep awake, and make unremitting efforts in order to achieve a stand-end goal. He said that the Chinese people are the master of their own destiny, and some countries in the West are not qualified to speak three four in China.

The Togo Embassy in China Business and Cultural Counselor Gret, Mei praised that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China's current achievements have proved that China's development path is correct and great. He said that povertrop has become a "most successful Chinese story", not only for Togo, but also provides a new reference for all developing countries. He sincerely hopes that the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party can lead the Chinese people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the same time, China will continue to contribute to the construction of a peaceful, progress and win-win world.