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Aerospace High Technology Helps China Olympics

Mandy Central Network 2021-08-04 16:56:10

As of August 1st, the Chinese delegation has won 24 gold medals at this Tokyo Olympics, temporarily ranked first. The development of modern sports, in addition to "hard-working achievements", there are also national science and technology levels than fighting. According to the "Global Times" reporter, after the Chinese sports athletes struggle, there is a high-tech of Chinese space in silence.

"Faster" from the beginning is one of the core slogans of the Olympics. In many competition projects, minimize resistance and use more precise motion postures to improve the performance of the competition. In July 28th, the Chinese team won the gold medal in the Siki Division, which is a gold medal in the Chinese team. This is the first Olympic ranty gold medal that China team won after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And this gold medal has a close relationship with the scientific training with China's aerospace cave.

According to reports, wind tunnel belongs to the most widely used tool in aerodynamic research and test, is a test equipment that can artificially generate and control gas flow, measuring gas stream on objects, and observe physical phenomena, usually used to simulate aircraft or object around Air flow to verify the influence of airflow resistance on the aircraft or object. It has been widely adopted by the wind tunnel and has been widely used by the UK, Sweden, Germany, the United States, Canada and other countries, and become one of the important means of improving athletes' competition. For example, the British athletes use bicycle wind tunnels to train in the London Olympics. After using the wind hole to chase the speed skating team, break the world record in the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics, won the gold medal.

China Aerospace Aerospace Technology Research Institute (Aerospace Eleventh Hospital) has extensive experience in aerospace fields and wind tunnel testing. The pneumatic expert introduced that it is necessary to improve training results, including equipment reduction, which involves equipment shape and size; on the other hand, the athlete's posture, formation, and site resistance optimization. "We develop space aircraft is also these requirements, the truth is connected."

But it is easy to do. The wind tunnel test item of the four-person row is quite large - the row boat is 12 meters long, the installation device is complex; the test speed is only 6 meters per second, the load is only a few kilograms, the resolution is high, but the rowing, athletes And the support device has a weight of 900 kilograms and the test is very difficult; the test requires simulating the real competition conditions, and the water surface is required in the wind tunnel, and only the pneumatic force above the surface is measured. In order to improve the scientific nature of China Racing Team Training, the aerospace 11th low-speed wind tunnel laboratory passed the simulated athlete to driver, driver, water, water paddle and other different action postures, and combined with different teams of four athletes The influence of pneumatic resistance, successfully developed a set of three-dimensional measurement platform based on air floating devices, and the dynamic device has been carefully designed and debugged, fully meets the requirements of high-precision small load wind tongue test projects, providing a scientific reference for athletes. .

In October 2020, the Aerospace Eleventh Hospital built the first sports comprehensive training wind tunnel, size and wind speed range to meet the demand for winter sports and some summer sports. In this wind hole, I received six top players such as Zhang Yuxi, Yang Wei, Xu Jia, Liu Xiang, Yan Zibei, Yu Yiting, including China Swimming Team. The test simulates the flow field during the swimming process, conducts a different technological action attitude and resistance at a typical swimming speed, by measuring the gesture, breathing of the athlete every second, and the scribe, demographic, planning, planning, planning of each round trip in the pool Supreme, turn time and other technical parameters, realize the fine quantitative assessment of each action, to determine training programs for coaching teams, improve sports streamline types, and optimize technical movements. It can be said that China Swimming Team has the merger of China's space in the gold medal won in the Tokyo Olympics.

According to the "Global Times" reporter, this wind hole will also provide more support for the Winter Olympics next year. Take the steel frame snowcraft and the jumping bus, the wind hole can give the wind resistance data under different attitude of the athlete, facilitating athlete training to form the best action. At the same time, the test system can also test the wind resistance coefficient of sports clothing, provide data support for the design and development of high performance sportswear.

In addition to wind cave, these high-tech of China ASA also provide a scientific basis for the training methods of the seemingly "cerebral cave". For example, "Biji Training Device" can accelerate the athlete to the predetermined initial speed, so that the main physical strength and energy of the athlete can be used in special technical training or decomposition action training, and the successful development of the device improves training efficiency. Make the athletes to achieve the dream of "one day as a one-week practice".

And another "backpacing booth" project is inspired by the propulsion system of the Rocket and aircraft. It relys on the electric motor to provide additional promotion, which helps the ice and snow project athlete reaches the speed of us, so that the athlete breaks through the body's limit and Muscle memory in high speed is possible, create a new way of training