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Here comes the most special-looking smartphone: Tesla's "Unbreakable"?

DH 2019-12-09 11:44:29

On December 8th, according to yankodesign reports, recently a group of photos of smartphones that look like Tesla electric pickups Cyberbertuck have been exposed on the Internet. It is understood that this is the designer Jonas Daehnert imitated Tesla's latest Tesla electric truck to design this chic phone.

According to the current information, this Tesla smartphone uses a 7-inch full-screen design, the overall color adopts the classic color scheme of Cyberpick, and the top of the back is equipped with a long RGB colored light, which is used to imitate the car's headlights. . The overall line design of the fuselage is similar to that of a truck. It has the usual sports car style of Tesla. The triangular shape is very creative and technological.

It is worth noting that this Tesla smartphone has three rear cameras, but no flash is added. The RGB light bar above the back is speculated to be used as a message notification light for the phone. According to designer Jonas Daehnert, this phone is still only in the conceptual design stage, and it is uncertain whether it will be put into production.

Earlier, Tesla disclosed the first electric pickup, the Cybertruck, at a live conference and claimed that its body is bullet-proof, which also means that the quality of this pickup has basically reached the level of "unbreakable". The window was smashed twice by a metal ball, and the scene was very embarrassing. I wonder if this Tesla smartphone can be "unbreakable"?