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CES 2020: PS5 Logo released! Console will be available at the end of this year

  • Author:DH
  • Release on :2020-01-08

At 9 am Beijing time, the Sony CES 2020 special conference was held. After CEO Yoshida Kenichiro's brief heat, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment and the owner of PlayStation, debuted and officially announced the PS5 brand logo (and changed the number?)

After that, Ryan showed several major hardware functions of the PS5, including 3D Audio Sound, Haptics Adaptive Trigger (Adaptive Haptic Feedback Button / Joystick), Ultra-High Speed ​​SSD, Hardware-Based Ray Tracing (hardware accelerated ray tracing technology) and ultra-large capacity Blu-ray discs. The PS5 true capacity not released, Ryan said, Sony will release more details next few months PS5, the host will have to wait to meet with you at the end of this year.

At the scene, Ryan also announced sales of game consoles: PS4 global cumulative sales exceeded 106 million, PSN monthly active users reached 103 million, and PlayStation VR headset sales have exceeded 5 million. CEO Ichiro Yoshida constitution said that based on hundreds of millions of PS player community, powerful PS5, Sony will be the best generation gaming platform, will provide the most ambitious, the most high-quality content at an unprecedented rate to bring players an immersive, seamless gaming experience.