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2021 iPhone top version will cancel wired charging, providing a completely wireless experience

  • Author:DH
  • Release on :2020-01-07

It is reported that the ultimate goal of Apple designers is to remove most of the external interfaces and buttons on the iPhone to create a simple, streamlined device. If wireless charging technology is improved, Apple may cancel wired charging at the same time. There are rumors that Apple will release an iPhone without Lightning interface in 2021.

Tian Ming International analyst Guo Mingxuan said that the highest-end iPhone model launched in 2021 will provide a "complete wireless experience", and charging may be performed through Qi-based wireless charging accessories.

In addition, it is said that Apple is working with LG Display to develop an iPhone with a foldable display, and will start producing foldable iPhone panels in 2020. It is said that Apple is also developing touchless gesture control and curved screens, and these technologies are expected to be launched within three years. And if these technologies are mature, Apple products will once again snap the hats of technocrats on their heads.