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As long as iPhone11 is 3000? The overseas version of "Double 11" was so dry that many croo

Yh 2019-11-30 23:02:15

Unlike the domestic Double Eleven Shopping Festival, the major discount merchants in the Western Black Friday Shopping Festival are concentrated offline. Although more and more brands have increased their online shopping discounts in recent years, the power of the Black Friday is still mainly concentrated offline. (Some merchants even set purchase rules for online discount sales and offline pickup to attract popularity offline.)

abc news report screen today

Just like when we buy New Year's goods at the end of the year, Westerners will fight hard before the New Year. In popular shopping places such as Outlets, Costco, Macy's and other department stores, a large number of people have gathered at the door.

Black Friday lineup has been called a business, according to the BBC

In Jiguojun's impression, the Chinese people began to become interested in "black wool" on the Black Five, probably starting in 14 years. The large and small purchasing agents and international students in the ticket circle will stock up as much as possible in these days, and domestic users will pay close attention to Haitao information.

Many purchasing agents in the ticket circle have also rushed to the United States and Europe in advance | Beijing-New York ticket price trends around the Black Friday

But this year, in addition to the gradual tightening of policies and the large number of shopping needs that were digested ahead of the Double Eleventh Day, fluctuations in exchange rates have also affected the enthusiasm of Chinese people for the Black Friday.

Especially this year, the exchange rate of USD to RMB has reached 7.02 (the lowest can reach 6.2). For the Chinese, is there any wool in this Black Friday? In Zai carefully scrutinized various websites, Jiuguojun got affirmative answers!

Some tangible promotions are really uncertain for the domestic shopping festival!

Apple is much cheaper but you have to buy it like this

For most people, the focus of the shopping festival is bound to be on high-frequency electronic and digital products such as mobile phones and computers. (Buy electronic and digital products such as speakers and cameras for half a year, we will also mention later)

1. Can the iPhone be cheaper?

Many people will be curious, Pinduoduo has already killed the new iPhone to the lowest price of 4,599. Do people still need to pay attention to the US version? Don't worry, listen to Ji Guojun give you analysis.

Earlier on Double Eleven, Guojun mentioned the price trend of the iPhone 11 National Bank version. The 64G entry-level National Bank version is as low as around 4500. (This price is extremely rare. In addition to hand speed and Internet speed, it also requires luck, and more people are often notified that they have no reason to cut the order before they have finished the order.

Pinduoduo has a long history of cut orders | Weibo

Therefore, for most people, it is not a loss to easily and quickly buy a 64G iPhone 11 at a price of about 5,000 in China. But the problem is that this good price may not be so attractive to many people who are accustomed to using the iPhone as the main machine.

64G storage is not enough

However, the good price of Double Eleven seems to be concentrated on the entry version of the 64G specification, the more popular high-storage 128G / 256G version, and rarely the good price.

Show your hands.Jpg

Jiguojun saw that the Black Friday is today, and the price is mainly concentrated in three ways: student discounts, old equipment exchange, and contract models.

The iPhone 11 contract machine starting at 699 dollars (also known as the locked machine) can return up to 700 ~ 800 dollars for redemption with the old machine, and can also return 300 ~ 400 dollars for gift cards or cash without redemption. PS: Redemption requirements are not high, and most websites support 5S and subsequent models.

Jiguojun knows what you are going to say-Apple has been blocked for locks, who will buy them? Don't hurry, a small number of contract packages are supported for cancellation.

For example, the T-Mobile contract machine mentioned in the Costco promotion not only has a maximum of 700 redemptions, but also supports termination after 3 months.

Look at the fine print

In this way, you can start an iPhone 11 with a price of at least $ 6,299, and the newer iPhones of higher versions also support cashback and discounts. (Calculated based on a package of $ 100 a month, if the package is cancelled after three months, then the cost = 699 100 * 3-700 = $ 299)

It does n’t matter, it ’s okay, you just need to know that after about 3 months, you may see from the WeChat ticket circle that many iPhone 11 US unlocked (non-black solution) prices are as low as 3,000 yuan.

The current price of unlocked iPhone 11 on Taobao

At this time, please note that the US version of the iPhone is a single card (Universal Huaqiang North has a dual card service). Locked models only support specific operators. There may be some special unlocking models in the country, so be careful buy. But if you just want to play with the machine, you can buy a locked iPhone 11 in the early 3000s as a backup model to connect to WIFI or hotspot. It is OK. (Dog head.jpg

In addition to the new iPhone 11 series, for the Haitao play machine party, the old iPhone seems to have more reasons to start. During the Black Friday this year, Wal-Mart entered the new 32G version of the new iPhone 6s; Best Buy 60 started the 32G version of the new iPhone SE, which is too suitable for the party and the standby party.

Apple Watch, HomePod, AirPods, and Mac

For people who are unsure of a locked iPhone, the US version of the Apple Watch, HomePod, or Mac seems to be more attractive.

For the 5th generation Apple Watch, Amazon has a low price of 379 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 2665 yuan in RMB. Together with other things, a tax-included logistics is not a good price, but it is also worth starting; 3 generations of old GPS versions It has also been as low as $ 129 on Wal-Mart, which is equivalent to less than 1,000 yuan, but it is restricted to collect goods at the store.

This year's new explosion model AirPods Pro, generally discounted to $ 234, equivalent to 1645 yuan. However, compared with the domestic small discount and interest-free installment, it seems that the temptation does not seem so strong.

Price comparison software shows that AirPods Pro starts at $ 234.98

For 2019 13-inch Macbook Pro, the starting price on Costco has hit $ 999.99, which is equivalent to about RMB 7,300. (Domestic starting price is 9999 yuan)

The 16-inch Mac, which only went on sale this month, starts at as low as 16,000, which is almost the same as the domestic price. However, the domestic price of the 23000 version (8-core i9 storage 16G video memory 6G storage 1T), B & H uses Payboo credit card, the price at hand is only 2599 yuan, equivalent to about 18278 yuan.

With relatives and friends in the United States, saving 4,000 is not difficult. . .

The last Apple product that Ji Guojun thinks he can try is HomePod. This product has been released for two years. Although it hasn't been so big in China, in fact, its reputation has been good. The Black Five Best Buy price is 199.99 yuan, equivalent to less than RMB 1500, and the domestic price has been firm at 2000.

Save up to 10,000 unit price, these devices can burn

1. If Sony breaks a fracture, can the camera price difference reach more than 10,000?

The poor three generations of photography are really nothing. For example, the Sony a7r4, where photographers are wailing, has a domestic single body of 27000. However, on platforms such as Focus Camera and B & H, the discount price of student discount packages was as low as $ 2,449, equivalent to 17,172 yuan. The little friends in the office are not calm. . .

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In other words, this year ’s Heiwu Meitao bought Sony cameras and lenses. The discount of 70% off for various students is really worth it.

2. Things that are not easy to buy in China.

In the list of products that are not easy to buy in China but you may want to play, Pixel 4 should be the first to be the first. This year ’s Black Friday, Google ’s discount on iron powder is quite good. Pixel 4 buys 50% Fi credit back, suitable for pro fans.

And other "cheap big bowl" gadgets are suitable for scrapping together, and the transfer risk is not great. For example, the price of 3 generations of Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers has been reduced from $ 49.99 to $ 22 on Amazon, which is equivalent to RMB 155.

The cover noodles should have a light 8G version of KPW4, the price is as low as 85 knives, equivalent to RMB 598 yuan, and the domestic listing price of 998 yuan last year.

At the end of this part, there are various games that are worth starting in Black Friday-in addition to PS4 / Switch / Xbox hardware, various Steam and Switch digital games, the choice is rich, the discount is not small, and many popular 50% off can be bought.

With so many good prices, how can I get wool?

Haitao's experienced friends can probably skip this step. But for Xiaobai users, in addition to mastering the preferential information, the only things you need to prepare are visa cards or PayPal. (Some websites support Alipay or WeChat, which will be mentioned later)

-Transit and tax issues

The vast majority of Haitao websites do not support shipping back to China. At this time, there are two solutions: there are relatives and friends in foreign countries who carry the meat back or transfer it to the country for mail. Many eager players are mostly stuck in the transfer process.

PS: The transshipment company has transit warehouses in different countries and is responsible for mailing your Haitao goods back to the intermediary in the country, and they will charge a certain amount of freight. If you have more needs such as return / unpacking / tax package, you can purchase various value-added services.

When you shop in Haitao, fill in the delivery address as the warehouse address of the transshipment company, and then choose a reasonable mailing method according to the category of the purchased product.

A domestic transshipment company, US Oregon warehouse transshipment charges (picture)

Take the athletic shoes that male compatriots often go to Haitao as an example. The transfer cost of two pairs of Nike shoes usually does not exceed 200, and the tax rate is not too large. Compared with the domestic price difference, most of the time it is very cost-effective. If you encounter a large discount, it will be even more beautiful.

20% off Black Endclothing

For digital electronic products, more worry may be caused by taxes or damage to the goods. According to Ji Guojun's not rich experience, in addition to the back of human flesh, it is best to spend 200 yuan to buy insurance, or directly by tax package mail.

For Xiaobai, the good news has continued in recent years-more and more overseas brands have noticed the demand for domestic sea-tao, and many sea-tao websites have gradually opened special direct mail routes to China, such as the US Amazon, Japan Amazon Some websites also have Chinese portals that support Alipay or direct mail to China, such as ssense, net a porter; others simply list domestic apps, such as Farfetch;

Even just a few days ago, Amazon's overseas purchases directly entered the Pinduoduo platform.

Having said so many dry goods, I have to talk about the precautions at the end.

  • Precautions

1. According to the new regulations, products may encounter random spot checks when entering the customs. Do not have too many single items. Computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc. generally start one at a time;

2. High-priced electronic products, such as cameras, have a high risk of collision. Choose a transfer company carefully.

3. Some Haitao websites need to fill in a local private address and a U.S. credit card. You can try relatives or friends or charge for ordering services, which is more reliable than purchasing and the fees are not high;

4. If the product has not been sent, and there is a demand for return or cancellation of the order, you can contact Haitao's website by email. The customer service usually handles it within 24 hours.

Still, for the senior chop party, Haitao is already a very easy thing to do, and sometimes the difference is so wide that it can cost a round trip ticket. However, compared with the risks and waiting times that Haitao needs to face, the newly-needed party is still more secure to purchase from China. If you want to think about it, you may start with simple items such as simple shoes and clothing, daily use, and old equipment.