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One plus 9R national line is about to be released, positioning the mid-

Yh 2021-04-08 14:16:49

For a few days, I released a middle and foreign end.Mobile phone1 plus 9RBut only released in ChinaA plus 9Series flagship mobile phone. Originally thought that one plus 9R was only available overseas, but the national bank version of the 9R has sent a network deposit. It is equipped with two color-high-end mobile phones, two color matching and positioning cost-effective, and will also be 9R. Will be released in China.


Based on the news of the news, a 9R national line will be upgraded in the processor, and the national line version will be equipped with the high pass, the 870 processor, and it is equipped with UFS3.1 flash and VC liquid cooling. Technology, while the body is built into 4500mAh battery, and supports 65W super fast charge.

One plus the body of the 9R country line will be equipped with 6.55 inchesThe upper left corner is digging the hole, the resolution is 2400 * 1080, and the high brush of 120 Hz is added. The back of the fuselage is still equipped with a matrix camera module, but the camera parameters are reduced, and the front is equipped.16 million pixelsThe camera is equipped with 48 million pixels of 48 million pixels, including OIS optical anti-shake.

As for the release time, a plus 9R is expected to be released this month, and the price will be controlled within 3,000 yuan.

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