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After reading this three-point memory card, you will not be wrong.

Yh 2021-11-30 14:10:07

After ten days of war, this double 11, is you still satisfied with your own results? Looking back at this "earlier than the earlier time", all major storage big plants have made all the best, expect more than a more rich game, more tempting benefits, let more users Enjoy the benefits.

Thus, we can see from solid state drives, mobile hard drives, even to U disk, memory cards, etc., have become a storage brand to compete for users, attract audiences; solid-state hard drives or mobile hard drive products, based on its more abundant Product explosions and lower entry thresholds, ordinary users can relax and quickly distinguish the quality differences between products.

Can store cards, as a class representative of the small, how does the consumer choose the suitable memory card product?

In fact, the purchase of memory card products is also very simple, remember that the following three points are easily purchased, and the memory card does not turn over.

The first is the brand dimension, and the memory card is one of the most integrated storage products. Its manufacturing difficulty and process difficulty are still relatively high, simple understanding is that the knife tip dances, and the needle tip embroidered. To implant the main control unit, storage unit, and protocol management unit in a small card, it is necessary to have a profound and experience in technology, equipment and product development, and only brands. In order to integrate this series of advantages, complete aFlash CardR & D.

Secondly, it is the birth price. Since the birth of the memory card product, it has been in decades of market competition, and major brands have already formed a relatively stable and transparent bidding system in terms of price positioning. In other words, no matter which brand of memory card products, the basic price will not differ by the corresponding capacity, with the same level of speed standard.

The price is too low or the pricing is too high, it is not normal. Excessive pricing, perhaps due to brand adjustment and additional value-added services, but also can be able to be able to be able to have an album; especially not paying attention to memory card products with low pricing, often there is particle problems, physical fitness or after-sales protection, etc. Therefore, when purchasing a memory card product, you can refer to the pricing of international first-line brands such as Samsung, Sainte Di, as an anchor, to examine whether the product that you value is price trap.

Finally, it is clear the logo and understands performance. Based on the variety of memory card products, the standard is different, we need special attention to various level identities on cards, such as C10 / U1 / A1 / UHS-L / V30, etc., in view of the space Limited, today simply discussed the meaning of these identities, C10 is also called Class 10, meaning that the lowest (continuous) write speed of the memory card is 10Mb / s; U1 is also the speed level of the memory card, U1 represents 10MB / s, U3 represents 30MB / s; A1 is a standard for mobile phone memory cards, App Performance A1 (A1), and App Performance A2 (A2), their lowest (continuous) write speed is 10MB / s, However, the random read and write performance requirements of the A1 standard are 1500iops and 5001Ops, while A2 standards have increased significantly to 40001Ops and 2000IOps;

As for performance, mainstreamFlash memoryThe card performance is generally around 100Mb / s, and the flash card that supports higher-level transmission protocols can be more than 400MB / s or higher. The higher performance unit is more and more exaggerated. We need to make according to machinery and storage needs. Make procurement.

According to the above three-point standard, there is still a lot of flash card products that are worth starting, and the author starts. Samsung is newly introduced.Samsung Pro PlusSeries SD card products.

Samsung Pro Plus Flash Card

As a newly launched flash card series products, Pro Plus still continues the high quality of Samsung storage, the characteristics of the whole factory, from the main control chip to flash particles, and then to the built-in management IC, all Samsung original design, long-term Teaching and adaptation, so that Samsung Pro Plus flash card has more stable performance in the product, the 10-year long warranty provided by Samsung storage, 7 heavy protection, can always provide a stable and efficient performance output for professional users .

The grade identification and performance, Samsung Pro Plus SD card is almost a top-column specification, supporting the U3 standard, V30 protocol, and UHS-i, the maximum continuous read speed reaches 160Mb / s, and the maximum continuous write speed is also 120MB / sSupports 4K levels of ultra HD recording to meet the performance needs of professionals.

In terms of price, Samsung Pro Plus SD card is also full of sincerity, 128GB capacity only $ 199 yuan, converting 1GB less than 1 dollar.

Taking a double .11 tail, a friend with a memory card, Samsung Pro Plus SD card is a trustworthy choice.